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» Friday, June 29, 2012
Trying to Fledge

My doctor said to try to do some simple things as I felt I could do them. I typed a couple of Facebook posts this morning. There was no pain at the wrist but my third through pinky finger still hurts when I type. I made sure to have the wrist support on.

Did breakfast, did the meds, did the ice, went downstairs for a little bit and reshelved some books. My hand started to ache about the same time I ran out of bookends, but I need more. Did lunch, did the meds, did the ice. Figured I'd pushed my luck as far as it could go. Watched Animal Cops Phoenix and finally something called Flipping Boston, about two house-flipper partners operating outside the city (Lynn and Lowell). The partners argue a lot. Just like an Italian family! (They're not Italian.) Felt quite at home. :-)

Supper at Shane's Barbecue. To Office Max for more bookends, then Bed, Bath & Beyond for another CO2 charger for James' Soda Stream. Dessert at Bruster's and then home by 7:45 because who in their right mind would want to be out when it's 102°F outside??? And it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow and Sunday.

I'm not going to waste finger power typing "Summer sucks!" But it surely does.

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