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» Saturday, June 09, 2012
Sleepy and Shopping in Atlanta

I left the alarm firmly "off" this morning. There had been enough lost sleep. We got up just before ten, had breakfast, and left to fetch Willow at eleven. We were a little late because James had to get gasoline, but Wil seemed quite anxious to see us when we arrived. :-) "Daddy! They stabbed me and cut me with a knife and then knocked me out." No, Willow, it was the other way around... They did send the cyst off for biopsy after all. Crossing fingers. We have three pain pills for the next three days, and of course the antibiotic until it is finished. There's no trouble giving them to her, as we put them in Greenies "pill pockets." I don't know what's in that stuff, but it's irresistible to dogs.

We came home via the hobby shop so James could drop off and pick up his shirts at the cleaners. Rusty was there and earned Willow's lifelong gratitude by scratching her in just the right spot to make her hindleg jerk and then giving her chicken dog jerky treats. The vet said she ate very little this morning. We also stopped at the bakery to pick up a couple of desserts each for the coming week.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon looking after Willow—she immediately started cadging food—and tidying up for visitors later in the week. We had pizza for supper and then James said, "Don't kill me, but..."

He was suggesting we go shopping tonight instead of tomorrow, since we're supposed to get drenched. I did agree with him, so off we went, leaving Willow looking depressed and Schuyler watching television near the sofa. We went to Walmart first, because Schuyler's wild cousins have nearly emptied the can of birdseed. In fact, the feeders were empty this afternoon, and I saw the brown-headed nuthatches, one after the other, hop down the railing of the deck to peer down at the can! I could hear them thinking "I know the food comes out of this, but how do we get in?" The titmice just fly by the window and give it a thump with their wings. "The service at this restaurant is terrible!"

So we got the seed and James wanted to see if they had any different flavors of sugar-free pudding to go in his lunch. All he's had for weeks is chocolate because he hates the banana cream pie and doesn't like what we both refer to as "dulce de yuck [leche]." Well, they not only had Boston cream pie flavor and a milk/dark chocolate mix, and my yogurt on sale for fifty cents a container, but they had the chocolate milk he likes and hasn't been able to find for almost two years! This is Hood Calorie Countdown, which is only 80 calories a cup, so he can have a treat once in a while. We thought they had quit making it! Also got him some turkey croissants for breakfast.

As we came out of WallyWorld it was spitting rain, so we got everything under cover but the bird seed, which is in plastic, and went on to Publix for the twofers. We had dog food coupons, so we bought Willow two bags of different flavors of Racheal Ray dog food (she is apparently tired of the beef and chicken).

We tried to go by Aldi for milk, but they were already closed by the time we arrived. We still have to refill prescriptions, pick up some boneless pork ribs to be part of dinner for company, and get the milk and a paper, so we still have to go to Kroger tomorrow, but it will be mostly things that it will not hurt to get wet.

Willow has been a bit of a trial later this evening. Instead of alerting us, she is just peeing. We've had to mop up the carpet three times now and spray it down with Urine Gone. I'm not sure if the anasthesia made her a little befuddled or she's pissed with us. [Pun intended.] My two Disney books came, Walt Disney's America and Walt Disney's Tales from Other Lands came today. I've been reading the former most of the evening. It uses the same Lady and the Tramp story as in the Walt Disney Storybook, with Darling staying home and apparently being oblivious to how badly Lady was being treated. I'm still waiting for my Helene Hanff omnibus. I realized of late that I had never bought the sequel to 84, Charing Cross Road, The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, and when I went looking for it, discovered I could get a nice copy of an omnibus edition instead, which has both of those books, plus Underfoot in Show Business, The Apple of My Eye (essays on New York City), and Q's Legacy.

I also ironed the cross-stitch project I just finished, put the iron-on facing in the back, and cut it to fit the glass of the frame. I thought it needed a little extra "touch" and cut two thin slices of dark green scrapbook paper to bookend either side. You can see it here, I hope!

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