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» Thursday, June 28, 2012
On a Hand and a Prayer
This will be a short entry since I am short five fingers.

Tuesday I awoke with a sore wrist. Faced with a pile of purchase orders that now resembles the city bird of Atlanta [a construction crane], I kept working...7:30 through 5:30, with a half-hour to lie down with three ibuprofin because of the pain. There was no swelling to speak of, but an almighty sore spot at the wrist where it met my hand, which hurt more when I wrote than when I typed, except when I hit the space bar, and when I bent it, flexed it, tried to stir my oatmeal. I finally couldn't lift a glass of milk.

Then it kept me awake all night, with my arm feeling like it was on fire.

So I spent Wednesday teleworking with one hand, which didn't work well because then my left arm started hurting, until I went to the doctor. Tendonitis is the diagnosis, accompanied by "horse pills" (anti-inflammatories), and no-typing-or-mousing orders. And applications of ice, which hurt worse than the tendonitis.

So how has your week been?

Me and the remaining five fingers waving goodnight.