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» Sunday, June 24, 2012
A Midsummer's Day's Dream

From my point of view, it was perfectly logical today to escape the midday sun. Those celebrating Midsummer's Day can keep it, thank-you-very-much. :-)

First Sunday morning chores: putting out my clothes for the week, hanging up a new hair towel and nightgown, sorting out my medicines for the week, turning the alarm clocks back on (::sob::), etc, followed by the usual shopping trip this morning: heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to Kroger we go. We found the soup bar; they relocated it closer to the Starbuck's counter. And the buns I usually buy for lunch at work were not overcooked. Will miracles never cease. And I had coupons for yogurt and Chex. Forgot the baby carrots, though.

Despite the steambath proportions already outside at noon, James wanted to try going to the Sunday Farmer's Market to see if the vendor of his favorite chicken salad was there. So we came into downtown through a side road and did find a parking space on the square. Alas, no chicken salad and no goat cheese. We did get the dog some more biscuits.

Some of the shops downtown open on Sunday since they know people will be there for the Sunday market, so we walked down to the new Christmas/candy shop. This had a cute assortment of "Old World Christmas Ornaments" as well as what used to be known as "penny candy." Will have to come back when I feel more in the mood, as even Christmas ornaments could not induce me to stay out much longer in this weather. By that time, having walked one block down and nearly one block across, we were already overheating. We walked back to the car, but were distracted by Sarah Jean's Ice Cream, so we went into the shop to sit in the coolness and enjoy a cone. Excellent coffee ice cream! I expected there to be families with kids there, but most of the patrons were folks our age and older.

We were out only a bit longer, to stop at Office Max to pick up the bookends and magazine organizers I need to use to tidy the library. Then we came home—it was almost three already!—to chill out. I put the ceiling fan on afterburner until we got cool. Transferred everything back into my carry bag for work tomorrow. Been watching HGTV most of the day, endless Property Virgins this afternoon and Holmes on Homes tonight, with a break for the news. Dang, I miss decorating programs! They had two on yesterday, or rather early this morning, at midnight and half-past. What a relief to watch.

Now back to my "Early American Life"... I'm so sleepy; I hope I sleep well tonight.

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