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» Friday, June 22, 2012
Keeping It Cool

I badly needed today. Yesterday I started at 7:30 and worked until nearly six, having taken only two short breaks and no lunch. Did I get a lot done? Who knows? It never seems enough.

But I wasn't going to waste my day off sleeping! Eight hours only!

Would you believe eight and a half? And I had to discipline myself to hold myself to that!

James asked me yesterday where I was going to go today. As far as I was concerned, since it was going to go up to 90°F, I wanted to be out as little as possible. However, I did need to get gasoline and buy more Pill Pockets for Willow, who has another week of antibiotics to go. (Once I walked outside, I was glad of that decision—it was only 10:00 and it was like standing next to a hot iron, with no breeze at all.) So after breakfast I drove up to the new Petsmart at Powder Springs at the East-West Connector, but I stopped on the way to buy something at Hobby Lobby for [mumble], which finishes a gift, and also got some cash for the Farmer's Market tomorrow.

This new Petsmart is tiny! Nevertheless I stopped to say hello to the budgies before picking up the Pill Pockets, and then came back to the neighborhood to stop at the Dollar Store. They have completely redone it and I had to scout around to find what I was looking for. Many more name brands there than there used to be. Then I bought gasoline at Kroger and came home.

Very nice afternoon spent in tank top and shorts cleaning house some, listening to BBC 4X, sorting some computer files, and also going downstairs to work a little on the books. I haven't been putting them up properly and they were all sitting on the edge of shelves or sitting on the hassock. I took care of almost all of them except for those in the history/biography/science/linguistics bay. That needs not only work, but large bookends so I can start putting books on top of the bookcases. The biographies are overflowing as are the history books.

James came home to find all three of us napping in the living room. We had supper at Hibachi Grill and then drove up to Town Center to see if Barnes & Noble had the new "Highlander" magazine James was looking for. Even at seven the air was still as thick as hot jelly. Ugh.

Of course, with the air stagnant all day, the thunderstorm rolled in smack in the middle of Flying Wild Alaska and flipped the DVR out. If  you look at that thing the wrong way it seizes up. Good thing there was a repeat later.

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