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» Sunday, June 10, 2012
All Wet

Ah, sleep! It was almost ten when we got up.

Of course we didn't go to bed until two. I so function better when I get up late and go to bed late, but the Real World doesn't work like that. Pity.

After breakfast we went off for groceries and prescriptions. Alas, we bought too much for our freezer, so we had to put off the usual summer salad tonight. (Instead we had a Hormel beef tips in gravy, which we couldn't wedge in—they were on sale and we had a coupon.) We had to hang around until our prescriptions were ready, which made it really tedious. But I'm a little pissed. They just opened the Kroger and when we got there they are constructing an area of the deli and got rid of the soup bar. The olive bar was still there, and the sushi bar, but no soup bar. Grrrr!

The weather was closing in on us already and the air was thick with mist, so we came home and stayed home, did some housecleaning and I worked on some crafts. Last night I had pressed, backed, and framed my "French Country" Christmas cross-stitch; today I framed something else for a gift and made another. And, very late, I have worked out (or hope so) a fix for an item that won't work without the fix (there, that's suitably obscure...LOL). Seriously, I have an item that is a perfect gift for someone; however, there is a minute thing wrong with it. James and I have been brainstorming a solution since we found it. I think just a minute or two ago I worked it out. We'll see.

And that was our day. There was so little on TV we ended up watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. I think this show is starting to grow on me. Like a fungus. :-) And now we have the Tony Awards on—the best show of the year.

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