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» Friday, May 25, 2012
Timegate, Day 1

Drat! the usual complaint: I didn't sleep enough. Major grrr. Couldn't fall asleep since I was so geared up and then woke up early. We had breakfast and did some chores, then went to Walmart, since James needed new diabetic socks. I also got a couple of things to go along with the mischief that was managed. ;-)

We also went to the hobby shop to show off James' new kilt (yes, he has a black kilt from "Amerikilts," and I've never seen him so excited about a piece of clothing) and had lunch at Panera.

So we were getting ready to pack up the critters to leave (we had packed the car after breakfast) when the call came that my glasses were ready. That meant a detour to Cumberland Mall, and a stop at Costco since I had only a quarter tank of gas. Since it was Friday, we were racing time and traffic, and sure enough, when we passed GA400, traffic came to an almost dead stop. Good thing our exit was only a mile onward.

Another problem: when we got to the hotel, no luggage carts. So we checked in with Schuyler's cage sitting on the check in desk as all the forms were filled. We got her set up in the room watching TV, then took Willow back downstairs with us to get the big suitcase (we'd stuffed everything in the big one rather than carrying lots of little things) and her crate. Schuyler was happily watching Anderson Cooper when we got back.

Then we just sat till registration because just putting the critters in the car was exhausting and the room was blissfully cool after being out in 90 degree heat. I should have napped!

Met the Spiveys in the registration line, and chatted for a bit with them and with Caran. Had to wait until 5:30 for the buffet to be ready, then ate in good company with Sue.

James took Miss Wil for a walk before we began panels: the remainder of opening ceremonies, then a stroll around the dealers room. Cute stuff, but I really shouldn't buy anything with the glasses purchase and getting the truck fixed. Caitlin Blackwood, young Amelia Pond, who is one of the guests, was in the room with her mum, just looking at all the cool stuff with everyone else.

We then attended the rest of a panel about the Star Wars saga by a gentleman who has written one of the tie-in books and two graphic novels. He was allowed to name the slug creature from Empire Strikes Back when he did a graphic novel of a Star Wars story. Following that, we went to "Who 101," ostensibly a panel of questions from newbies in the audience, but much a discussion about Doctors new vs. old, and which ones each panelist liked, and summing each up.

Then we went upstairs to see how Willow and Schuyler were, sitting a few minutes so Willow could be cuddled. I sat in the big chair next to Schuyler's cage, and she ate it up, clambering on the bars for a kiss.

We went back downstairs about 10:30 and stopped to chat a bit with Kim and Mike.

Our last panel was "Doctor Who and the New British Invasion," talking about the latest resurgence of interest in the show, what triggered it, past days of fandom and how fans were initially exposed to the show (two words: camera copies), when it began, etc. Like the "Who 101" panel, this was lively and funny, but gosh, we are bushed, so we are now in the room and off to bed after a nice shower.

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