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» Monday, May 28, 2012
Quiet Sunday  Monday

Thankfully, it's been a very quiet day. We tried to sleep late, but Willow needed to go out and James was sleeping so soundly he didn't hear her barking. So I threw something on—I must have looked a sight, with my head all frowzy—and took her out, and then refilled the bird feeder. By that time James was sitting on the edge of the bed. I scrubbed my hands, put my night things back on and crawled into bed, but it was no use. Fifteen minutes later I was up again, getting ready for work tomorrow by putting my clothes out and resetting the alarm clock.

We had a leisurely breakfast, then went to Kroger to do the weekly shopping, and then came home. I've been doing little things all day, copying my photos off the storage disk, posting some to Facebook, and doing some other things. It was a nice quiet day, which I appreciated. James made some beef strips in gravy with cheese macaroni on the side, and we had those great Eskimo Pie sugar-free ice cream bars for dessert. We watched the usual news and then found Airport on Retroplex. Dean Martin projected that devil-may-care half-drunken personality so often that you may be surprised at what a good solid job he does in the role of Vernon Demarest.

Incidentally, I have updated all the Timegate entries and Saturday is now complete, if you're so inclined.

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