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» Saturday, May 05, 2012

I wasn't exactly awake this morning.

Last night after work, we went to Golden Corral for supper. I had some steak and "crab salad," as well as some grilled shrimp with a light scampi sauce over linguini. I had no problem with it, and we went on to get some air for the truck tires (there is a very sl-o-w-w-w leak in the right rear tire) and some cash for the Farmer's Market this morning.

I have sadly noted in the last year or two that I have become "sensitive" to shrimp. No violent reactions, thankfully, but I was awakened in the wee hours. My Nook kept me company for forty minutes (no having to put on the light to read, thankfully, because I couldn't stand the thought of 180 watts burning my eyeballs out), and then it was hard to fall back asleep because I was cold, despite having bundled myself in furry slippers and a bathrobe.

So I was not at my best this morning, especially since we had to get up early. There was an arts festival on the Square this morning, so to find parking we'd have to get there earlier than usual. The Farmers Market stalls were crammed on Mill Street, spilling out over the railroad tracks, because of the arts festival, and we had to thread our way through the crowd. It was very Parisian! We got a big cucumber, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, two small pork pies for tomorrow's supper, two cupcakes for dessert, and some cookies for another dessert. Then we put the veggies up in the truck and walked around the arts show. Lots of cute stuff, but nothing we wanted to buy, except when we found "the button girl" from the Jonquil Festival last week. We bought a few more gift buttons and she remembered me and came up with a Sherlock button! Yay.

We delivered everything home, then went to Walmart. James needed rubber bungee cords for the truck and we are completely out of wild birdseed. It was nil on the proper kind of bungee cords, but I also found some tank tops to wear around the house; the ones I have are getting worn. Then we rushed it all home because it was spritzing rain—which stopped by the time we got home, of course.

Had lunch at Panera, which was just what my abused system needed: chicken soup with a baguette, and we split a chocolate cookie for dessert. Then we went to the hobby shop for about 90 minutes, and finished up at MicroCenter. James was looking for a larger keyboard to take to work, but they didn't have any Microsoft keyboards like we have. I love this keyboard; it has pre-programmed buttons for volume, the calculator, and you can program other buttons to bring up documents, or files, or web pages. He did buy a stylus for his Nook.

Don't faint; I was looking at an IPad2. They are so cheap now that the IPad3 is out. I think it's too heavy to read with, but magazines probably look nice on it.

We came home and just had whatever for supper; I ate breakfast, oatmeal and blueberry yogurt and milk. Wished I had a baguette, though. We watched Mythbusters from last week, and when James went down to the "man cave," I dubbed off the rest of the Barrington episodes of This Old House, and then put on the used Blu-Ray copy of Lady and the Tramp I got at CD Warehouse. It looks lovely, a sharp, colorful picture and great sound. The extras are also wonderful, with photos of Walt and Roy Disney's visit to their childhood home in Marceline, the inspiration for Main Street USA at the Disney Parks and the neighborhood in Lady and the Tramp.

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