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» Sunday, May 20, 2012
I Can See Clearly Now...

James was off to work at seven, and I was thankfully back to sleep. Not there very long, though—things to do, places to go. Next it was preparing for the week: pills sorted into the pill container, clothes set out for work, alarm back on. Finally it was breakfast and checking e-mail, vacuuming the carpet and treating spots on it until it was time to go out to the wilds of Cumberland Mall.

I started the great glasses hunt at Sears. Sears Optical isn't open on Sundays, so I could survey the glasses frames in peace. A few looked promising (and not pink). I then walked through the mall, because it's always good to include a brisk walk with a shopping expedition. Looked through Lenscrafters and really didn't see anything I liked, then went downstairs to Visionworks, where they had had a pair of glasses frames I did like when James went last month. (Although the ones I really liked

Well, the short of the long of it was that I was able to get an eye exam immediately—the doctor was a bit of a curmudgeon, but nice—and then I went back to looking at frames. What I finally ended up with were the ones I liked second-best last time. They are brown, not pink. :-) And I found a second pair exactly like the first, so when they worked their magic and made me a two-for-one deal, I was able to get a pair and a spare. However, he told me the headaches I have been getting are not from eyestrain, but from my sinuses. Sigh. I hate the glaucoma test, though; my eyes watered for ages afterwards.

The doctor did tell me my prescription had not really changed, which surprised me. He could not correct my left eye enough for it really to be sharp enough at 20/20, though. I thought it was my right eye that was the weaker one. Or maybe they've now swapped. After all James is now farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other.

Glasses promised within two weeks; hope it's less like it was for James. Anyway, I walked back via the Hallmark store, and that was done with. On the way home I stopped at Best Buy to check out something. Also H.H. Gregg. Confirmed things for me.

Surprisingly, when I stopped by Dollar Tree, they had exactly what I had been looking for. The last time I was in Dollar Tree, back in February or March, I saw some Pears soap that I wanted to try for washing my face. I've been quite satisfied with it; where I still get pimples, they're not as often as before. But the Dollar Tree where I originally bought them (East/West Connector) didn't stock them any longer. This Dollar Tree (Hargrove Plaza) had many bars; I got ten.

Picked up a newspaper, got home, finished getting ready for work (including a stitching job I'd been putting off), vacuumed the stairs...and by that time all that was done, it was time for James to get home.

We had some great boneless barbecue ribs for supper that we had picked up at Sam's on Saturday, with enough in the package for a second meal, and watched "The Hounds of Baskerville" that we had missed last Sunday. Very intense! Also watched Hugh Laurie on last week's Tonight Show. You can tell House is finished with as he has shaved the stubble he's had for the past eight years. Some talk about the elder Laurie who won an Olympic Gold Medal for crewing in 1948.

Later it was time for "The Reichenbach Fall," the last in this series of Sherlock. Even though I knew what would happen at the end, it was a great trip getting to that point. They never do just "leave it" as Conan Doyle did, though, do they? And I do like the little messages spelt out in the credits. Is that original to the UK series?

(Okay, brief pause for hormonal outburst...Martin Freeman is so cute! There, that's done with, and it's bedtime. LOL.)

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