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» Saturday, May 19, 2012
Headache Today, Still Here Tomorrow

Out of nowhere Wednesday, I started coughing, not the tickle-in-the-throat kind of coughing that is cured by a good drink of water, but the kind that comes on after you've had a headcold and post-nasal drip. Since I hadn't had either, it was additionally annoying. Between doing orders and putting forms together, I drank and drank water and couldn't seem to make it go away, and when I went outside for lunch and stepped into the sunlight—it felt good. Now that is not a good sign. Finally I was feeling so wretched I left work 45 minutes early to make sure I wasn't stuck in traffic. The moment I got home I took three ibuprofin and crawled on the futon, since 45 minutes of sun and the freeway had done its work and I had a splitting headache as well.

I felt a little better after supper, but was still headachy and coughing at bedtime. When the alarm went off Thursday morning, I hit the snooze alarm eight times, and when it went off again I got up, called in sick, uncovered Schuyler and turned on the television and the light for her, and then retreated to bed and slept until after noon. I'd planned on teleworking if I felt good enough, but my head was still cottony and my right ear was still ringing, so I settled for swallowing ibuprofin and dubbing off the last three Castle episodes.

After sleeping badly, I got into work and managed pretty well until about two o'clock, when the headache started coming back. Despite wearing sunglasses, the sun again did a number on me. I know what it is; I simply have to bite the bullet and go looking for glasses frames. I don't mind the eye exam, or paying the money, despite the way it makes my wallet scream. But it's almost as bad buying glasses frames as it is buying shoes: I hate most of the styles and if I don't hate the style I hate the color. The last frames I found that I liked were pink. Urgh.

We had supper at Giovanni's and the carbs in the spaghetti quelled most of the headache, so we were able to go on to Walmart. I needed a few more pants hangers. We picked up a couple of other things, including the new TV Guide with the House cover. I've thought I was comfortable with the idea of House ending its run, but I confess that it's made me a bit sad. The first time we watched House we were visiting my mother. It was the week of Thanksgiving, just before she went through her last illness, so the series is tied very closely to her in my mind. I will probably be sniffling through the final minutes, for more reasons than one.

It was a quiet day today. We slept in instead of going to the Farmer's Market, had a leisurely breakfast, then went to the hobby shop for a while, followed by a walk around Sam's Club and a short trip to Aldi, since milk was least expensive there. We put these purchases away and then completed our grocery shopping at Kroger, since James will be working tomorrow.

Had supper at home watching Pawn Stars; what interesting things they have in that shop! I'm used to the pawn shops around here, which pretty much carry old, worn-out things. The Andrew Jackson signature was particularly cool. Now James has gone downstairs to work in "the Man Cave" and I am watching Edward the Seventh. I first saw this back in the summer of 1983...what a cast!: Annette Crosbie, Timothy West, Jean Lapotaire, Robert Hardy, Sir John Gielgud, Michael Hordern, Felicity Kendal, Christopher Neame, Francesca Annis, and even future director Charles Sturridge as the teenage Bertie. I noticed Timothy West's children played Prince Eddy and Prince George.

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