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» Friday, May 11, 2012
Bright Sunshiny Day

It was a lovely lie-in this morning! I enjoy any sleep that counts to eight! :-) But then it was time to get things done. Before I ate breakfast, I stripped the bed and started the bedclothes washing. An oatmeal and yogurt and milk later, I was dressed and out the door, deciding to head for East Cobb. We haven't been out there a lot since Borders closed (::sob::), except to go to Trader Joe's.

It was a lovely day to go. If it must get warm in the summer, this is the way it should be always: a cool night good for sleeping, temps rising only into the low 70s during the day, the lovely green scent carried through the screens by the breeze. One could occupy the time on the long route just taking note of all the different shades of green for all the different kinds of trees and brush, or watching for flashes of white as mockingbirds darted here and there, perching on traffic signs to survey their domain or to belt out a song. The privet is past bloom, but the air is still sweet with the scent of fresh growth.

At first at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I didn't see anything I wanted to pay for. All the feather pillows appeared to be $69 or more, the ones I wanted, for side-sleeping, an extra $10 tacked on. Gah. They had even less of a selection than the Akers Mill store. Then, near the front, I found some side-sleeper feather pillows for only $20 each. The difference seems to be that the expensive pillows are all down. I don't need all down. I just want feather pillows. I've been sleeping on feather pillows since I graduated from a crib to a bed. These have a quilted polyester top. I hope that doesn't destroy the feel. We'll see.

(The Borders is still empty. Well, at least it isn't a shoe store.)

Made a brief stop at Michaels looking for extra-fine point Sharpies, but they had none. Did get a small item for a craft project as well as more floral wire. The reel I use for hanging up decorations is almost empty.

Next a nice "romp" at Trader Joe's. Sampled some watermelon and a piece of corn dog, and gathered ingredients for Sunday night supper (baby greens and chicken slices, to which chow mein noodles, almonds, and mandarin oranges will be added), lunch (chicken salad for work and some mixed Italian cold cuts and a demi-baguette), turkey burgers for James, and bits and bobs of other things. Spent too much but it will last a while.

Had a nice ride home listening to "City Cafe" on WABE, which featured Peter Pan music: a selection from John Williams' score for Hook and Disney's "Second Star to the Right" arranged and performed in the style of Thomas Tallis. (On the way there I had listened to George Winston, windows wide open along with the sunroof—nice!). Came home, put the food away, and made myself a proscuitto sandwich while starting on another project: getting rid of a pile of 3 1/4 floppy disks. I had to check each of them to make sure I had copies of everything on them. It was when I got into the photo disks from the Mavica camera that it got really tedious: some of them I had cleaned the photos off, some I hadn't, so I had to spot-check to make sure they were. I also put the new pillows in pillowcases (James will have to help me change the bed tonight because the mattress is so heavy) and kept turning the bedclothes in the dryer until they were all dry,

Wasn't even half done with the floppies when James got home from work. We had supper at Shane's barbecue, then tried to check out something at Best Buy—boy, what a rotten selection—and also made a quick trip to Costco. Stopped at Publix to pick up a Mother's Day card and some money for the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Ended up half watching "A Scandal in Belgravia" again and half reading the book Shelf Discoveries, which is a series of essays about young adult and children's books still remembered fondly by adult women. (Lots of Lois Duncan and Deenie, of course, but anyone who includes Understood Betsy and The Secret Garden in a list of books you'll never forget and writes so nicely about Meg Murry/Poly O'Keefe/Vicky Austin is okay in my book. :-)

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