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» Sunday, April 01, 2012
Solitary Sunday
I was granted a privilege this morning that James was denied: I slept late, he went in to work. However, I got my April Fools comeuppance when I turned on AntennaTV: The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin was pre-empted for the Three Stooges. Sorry, WSBK viewers nonwithstanding, I still don't like the Stooges. Even worse, I checked AntennaTV's schedule next week; Rinty appears to be gone. Phooey.

What to do but do the grocery shopping. However, I digressed. Yesterday I bought a capacative stylus at MicroCenter, wondering if it would work well on my Nook and possibly my phone. I first chose a Targus with a soft tip, but was lured by a Pogo with a slightly smaller, firmer tip that said it was good for drawing. I thought that would mean it might be more sensitive. But I wasn't really happy with its performance yesterday, especially in scrolling.

So this morning I left the old one behind, but went to MicroCenter and bought the Targus as well. It works much better. I have re-boxed and matched the Pogo with its receipt and will take it back. Anyway, I joined a surprisingly large crowd waiting at the door when the store opened at eleven; there must have been at least a dozen people there.

I also decided to take the plunge and buy a small portable drive as a backup. It's all those weeks of the "Tech Guy" podcast, and Leo LaPorte's "3-2-1" rule. This one was a Buffalo and was on sale.

From there I went to Costco with a small stack of coupons. I had to get milk anyway, and it was cheaper there. I also picked up, with coupons, scrubby sponges, white grape cherry juice, and a bottle of loratadine, and bought some toilet paper, while sampling some of the wares: a protein bar, lobster and crab spread, and a piece of Oscar Meyer bacon that must have three times the recommended daily supply of sodium chloride in it. Ugh.

I put the milk in the insulated bag, then went to Kroger. Nearly had a nasty fall, too: I stopped for gas, too, and while I was filling up went to empty my trash container. I had to step over the gasoline hose to do so—going out I did it perfectly, but coming back I nearly tripped over it. Got a sock burn on my right ankle and my left knee and hip were very sore for a while.

Went inside for a few other things, including bread for lunches and Those Damn Bananas, then finally was able to come home and put everything up.

Of course this doesn't mean I was able to loll about. I still had the master bath to clean up, including washing the floor, and the hall bath, all this while dubbing off a few things off the DVR. I still had things from Christmas.

For supper I cooked the turkey thighs I picked up at Kroger, and we watched the news and two episodes of Murdoch Mysteries, and had a treat for dessert, equal halves of the slice of chocolate ganache cake from Publix. Major yummy. Later it was the "Winter" installment of Frozen Planet (with the cutest ermine, pure white with black shoebutton eyes and nose; however, he wasn't at all attractive to the vole he pursued) and then Mythbusters.

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