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» Saturday, April 28, 2012
The Social Whirl
Wow. I slept through the night. Yeah, this is unique enough to mention. :-)

We were off to the Farmer's Market, which was easier said than done. The artists' market was held this weekend, too, and every parking space was filled, except for the one we found. We couldn't take our time going through the artists' market, though, because we were headed to the Jonquil Festival afterward, and it was already warm. We bought a cucumber, tomatoes, some Vidalia onions, fresh strawberries, three ears of sweet corn (they were three for a dollar), a pot pie for Sunday dinner, two cupcakes for Sunday dessert, chicken salad, goat cheese, a turnover and a ham and cheese pretzel for our respective breakfasts, and dog biscuits. Since it was so warm, we brought everything home, picked up James' shirts for the cleaner, and went to the Jonquil Festival. There were still parking spaces at the Smyrna Library, so we didn't have a long walk.

The pretzel had not "sat well" for James, so we ended up having a Williamson barbecue sandwich each before strolling the booths. So many people had their dogs with them and we saw lots of breeds as we went from booth-to-booth—a Lakeland terrier (like a small Airedale), a bullmastiff puppy and two grown bullmastiffs (BIIIIIIG doggies), a Pomeranian, a Shiba Inu, dachshunds, several Bernese Mountain Dogs, and some that were "just dogs." I had to stop to peruse all the books—I mean, who knows if Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer isn't hiding someplace between all the other volumes? :-) —while James stood in the shade, as the sun was already getting to us both. We did buy more dog biscuits from a place called "Lose a Finger"—Willow officially has enough cookies!—and found a woman selling little buttons with all sorts of sayings and even fannish stuff. James bought two Doctor Who buttons, "Keep Calm and Fight Zombies," and [mumble].

The one vendor who wasn't here and whom we were looking for was One Screw Loose. They are the ones who make the balsamic jellies that are so good for cooking. They also make a cherry jelly that James loves. :-(

We spent an hour walking around and after that short time we were both feeling parboiled. I can't spend any time in the sun anymore without my fingers swelling up. Later on it felt as if there were hundreds of tiny needle prickles all over the skin of my arms. So it was nice to sit at the hobby shop for an hour and read, before it was time to make our way across town to the Marlay House for the April Brittrack Meet'n'Greet. We tried going a different way this time, around through I-285 rather than going through uptown. Bad idea as there was road construction at the Chamblee-Tucker exit; happily it wasn't too much of a delay.

We were shocked when we got to the Marlay House—the parking lot was chock full! James managed to tuck the truck between a car and a retaining wall. It turned out a wedding party had just dropped in en masse on the place; they were hardly prepared for the entire outside area to be filled, not to mention the parking lot. Ironically, there were few people inside.

It was a small Meet'n'Greet, eight people in total, but we had a lot of fun talking about all sorts of things Doctor Who and otherwise. We ended up trying to recall guests and locations of old Atlanta-area and other nearby conventions, with nostalgia about Dixie Trek and Fantasy Fair, the Castlegate Hotel and the Omni, and other stories from the Stone Age. :-) We broke up very reluctantly at 5:30, where we returned home, having circumvented the return-trip traffic clog on I-285 West by traversing a couple of surface streets to get back to I-85 south and I-75 north. We had leftovers and cereals for supper while watching the last four episodes of the Barrington Project on This Old House.

(Oh, I looked up One Screw Loose online; they had two other events they were at this weekend, and don't appear to be at any event we will be going to. However, they appear to have a regular booth at the Brookhaven Farmers Market starting next weekend. That's my "old neighborhood," where I lived when I first moved to Atlanta. Maybe we'll check out the Brookhaven Farmers Market in the future.)

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