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» Sunday, April 29, 2012
Shopping on Sunday
I knew eight hours sleep was impossible, but seven-and-a-half seemed do-able. Except when the dog starts barking before seven hours are up.

Grocery shopping was fairly painless: we did both twofers at Publix and regular shopping at Kroger in one hour. We were going to have to go back to Kroger, though, because it would take 30 minutes to fill my prescription. That's one minute per pill. Gah.

So we brought everything home, then went out again, specifically back to the Jonquil Festival to see if the lady with the buttons had any more of the Doctor Who themed ones. She did, actually, and we ended up buying a bunch more, mostly for friends. I did get a Hogwarts button and a Ravenclaw button (don't want to be in Gryffindor—I don't think I could live up to it), a House button and a Castle button, and had they a Sherlock button, I would have bought that, too. :-)

From there we went on to Petsmart. I needed to get Schuyler more "fruit seed," as I refer to the ZuPreem pellets. It is never good to go into Petsmart during pet adoptions, because it is a saddening experience sometimes. Today we looked at the dogs outside, including a huge, mellow bullmastiff/Labrador cross, and then went inside. They had some darling kittens, but there was the loveliest longhair female cat, a pale tortie—she miaowed at James, then reached out first one paw and then both paws to him, and finally began rubbing herself against the bars of her cage. Ohmygosh, this is not the first time I have wanted to spit vitriol and fire at my wretched, nasty, horrible, soul-searing allergy. Of course there would have been Schuyler's heritage to contend with, and Wil's enjoyment of chasing cats, so those might have been deal-breakers right there anyway, but never being able to do something like this just because of this wretched allergy is !@#$%!@#$ annoying. But if I can't spend three hours at the Butlers and then three hours at Shari's house in one day without being reduced to a sodden, sneezing, wheezing, tearing bundle of misery, I certainly can't bring a cat into the house. ::grump!::

We also stopped at Barnes & Noble, where I got the new "BBC History Magazine," and Bed, Bath & Beyond to use some 20 off coupons. James got some mix for his soda maker and I bought more "garters" to hold the sheets on the bed, as one of the originals just will not stay closed. Hopefully one of the new ones will.

Came home by Kroger to pick up my prescription and for James to get gasoline, and then we were both very happy to get ourselves out of the heat. I ironed my clothes for work and listened to the last part of Anne of Green Gables on BBC Radio 4X and read my new "Yankee." Loved the story about inn hikes. In the fall even I might be able to handle 10 miles a day. especially if one day ended me up at the Vermont Country Store. :-) ::sigh:: Already homesick for autumn and it's only the end of April.

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