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» Tuesday, April 03, 2012
Hot Enough to Boil an Easter Egg
I've been putting off putting up the Easter decorations because the porch was covered with caked-on, ugly yellow pine pollen, but after work I decided it was now or never; it would be ridiculous to be putting up decorations as late as Holy Thursday. James was late anyway, so I took Willow out, then pulled out the hose and rinsed everything down. Even with the spray from the hose it was like a bake oven out there; the brick porch just concentrates all the heat. You couldn't cook a pizza out there, but it would sure warm it up! By the time I'd finished hosing off the porch steps and rails, the walls were already dry and the front door and window only held a few spots.

I waited until after dark to put things out on the porch, figuring it would be cool. Fat chance. The air is thick and moist like the hot towel in an Old West town barber shop. But I put the things out, then decorated the Easter tree on the table in the foyer, flanking it on each side with Sunny and Pastille, the two Webkinz bunnies (I put the curly sheep that sheds and the basket of birds' eggs under the table on the shelf), and put Hazel the rabbit in the Easter basket on the divider and the standing rabbit before it. The resin statue of the little rabbit on the swing under the spring tree and the bunny resting on his back over a bowl that were Mother's I put on the tier table along with an egg topiary and the two crocheted ducks in crocheted eggs.

I didn't really take any of the spring things down upstairs, just moved them about for cute chicks, foil-covered "chocolate" bunnies, funny chicks dressed up in feathers, resin eggs in figural egg cups, two rabbits that look like vintage statues and a bunny riding a sheep, two little white rabbits that look like they're out of a Rankin-Bass cartoon, and a wooden rabbit whose feet dangle over the side of the cart in the dining room, and a tiny stuffed lamb and stuffed bunny. In the end, instead of taking the spring garlands down to put the Easter ones up, I put one on the fireplace mantel and the other around the mirror in the foyer. As a last step I put the two small stuffed lambs, Baaasly and Baabsey (don't look at me; those are the names they came with) in a silver wire basket, flanked by the two stuffed rabbits, Rupert and Leonard, on the hearth. It all looks a little higglety-pigglety because the regular fall things are still up.

Just call it mixed media. :-)

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