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» Friday, April 13, 2012
Free Fridays

Another payday, another compressed day off.

The night was cool, so I had a good sleep. James even shut my alarm off for me; I woke up at 7:45, confused at why I hadn't heard the radio when I noticed the alarm was still on. I called him soon afterward to find out if he still wanted to go to Hobbytown. If he did, I'd put off where I was going until tonight. But he wasn't, so I got dressed and headed up to Town Center to go to Michaels. They had a 20 percent-off-everything-even-sale-items coupon. Sadly, it wasn't applicable for clearance, too, but the Easter stickers I bought were cheap enough.

I also finally found something to put on the front porch for the summer. All their hanging baskets were 40 percent off. I found a very pretty basket of some type of bluish-purple flowers. Then I went through the smaller "picks," which were also at the same discount, picking up some blue many-petaled flowers, some red fluffy flowers, and some long thin pinkish flowers. I also got a few charms and a few more of the cosmetics cases they had for $2.00 which I am using to store other things

I then quickly ran into Office Max to get a holder for my paintbrushes and craft pens, and then, because I needed to use the facilities, went to JoAnn. I had a coupon and bought a nine-square-foot piece of felt which shall be used for padding.

This all took me a lot longer than I wanted to be out, so I just came home via Publix, where I picked up some needed twofers, including dishwashing gelpacks. When I got home I took the "hanging" apparatus (three long twister seals!) off the basket, then used my cutting pliers to cut the multiple branches of each of the flower picks apart. These stems were distributed evenly in the larger basket, the blue and red flowers going around the edge and the pink, long flowers in two bunches near the center. One of the red flowers has a "purple butterfly" on it, and I put that branch to the fore. It looks pretty good.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking down the Easter decorations, reading a little, and watching the last "Lent & Eastertide" program from Joanna Bogle. Amazingly, they showed two "new" episodes of Lassie on Angel Two today; Wednesday and Thursday they had repeated episodes that they had showed several weeks ago. I should have watched them, but was convinced James was due home any minute. However, he was 45 minutes late getting done with a call and then had to pack up his phone and his headset and the rest of the stuff he'd been using since they are moving buildings over the weekend. I'll no longer be passing his building on the way home from work.

So we were very late going to supper and headed for the place we could get served the quickest: Hibachi Grill, which is a buffet. :-) After that there wasn't much to do, so we timed the drive to the new office, driving one route and then coming home a different way.

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