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» Sunday, April 15, 2012
Busy Early, With Time-Travel Late

It was hustle-hustle-hustle this morning once we were aroused from slumbers: we had to get to Hair Day. Charles was bringing sandwich meats and Ron and Lin contributing the bread, so we had to stop at Kroger to pick up some potato salad and cole slaw as our contribution. We weren't planning on going to the Farmers Market because of the celebration in downtown Marietta surrounding the anniversary of "the Great Locomotive Chase," so we could go directly to the Butlers, stopping at the Macland Kroger to get the supplies. James walked Willow and then we were off.

It was a nice morning of chat. Oreta Taylor had come this month and was telling us all about her new school (she's the librarian). Jessie Elder had highlights put into her hair and at one point she had "big hair" filled with foil wraps to set the lightener; it was too funny.

Unfortunately, we literally had to eat and run since the entree was delayed; there was a big traffic jam on Charles' route due to road construction. James' club meeting was at 2 p.m. and it was 1:10. I quickly made myself a sandwich and made two more for James, and we said our hurried farewells, drove home for James to pick up the models he was bringing to the meeting, and he left without coming upstairs.

I took some ibuprofin for a nagging headache, tidied up a few things, and listened to a few of the things on the BBC celebrating the anniversary of the sinking of Titanic. When James got home, we went for supper at Panera (they do have the best tasting chicken soup!) and stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to use a coupon for some filtered water bottles to put in our emergency backpacks. From there we came home.

There are a bunch of great Titanic specials on tonight. Most fascinating was Titanic: The Final Word where scientists used computer models to give some additional insight about how the ship sank and not only explained why the ship broke in half, but pretty much why it had to. At 11:30 I put on TCM and we watched A Night to Remember with Kenneth More. I had seen the end of this many years ago, but never the whole movie. I can say this is heads and shoulders above the fake romance James Cameron shoved into Titanic! (A friend of mine referred to the 1997 movie as "mall rats on the Titanic"...LOL). Oh, the Cameron film looked lovely and pretty much more accurately portrayed the sinking, but Jack and Rose...snore. (I started to watch it one night and got bored within the first hour. Came back to watch the last hour, which was technically excellent.) A Night to Remember has no histrionics, but portrays the individual desperation of the entire crew and the passengers instead of concentrating on a fake romance. It sure made the captain of the Californian look like an ass, though. :-)

Great film; glad I thought to change channels.

Had a lovely chat as well, with Jen, Mike and Emma, the latter whose birthday had just ended, talking about Titanic and the bad weather that was headed in Mike's direction (he's in Oklahoma).

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