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» Friday, April 20, 2012
Atomicon, Day 1

The wifi is so abysmal at Unicoi that we decided to take no computing equipment this year. So I am typing on my phone via my Bluetooth keyboard. (Hey, didn't say I was leaving everything behind...)

We left the critters in "durance vile" (poor Willow, not only a checkup and shots, but a bath) and drove up GA400 to the North Georgia Premium Outlets. I got new shoes after an almost fruitless hour. The clerks were very kind. I don't get the women and shoes thing. To me shoe shopping is part of the Nine Rings of Hell.

Also got underwear before I embarrassed my mother. (Yes, I know she's been we gone for almost seven years. She would be embarrassed from Heaven.) :-)

Onward in really nice weather for April, cloudy and 60s. We grabbed a burger at Wendys and went on to Helen, where we checked into the Lodge and met the Spiveys and assorted members of the Boros clan in the A building. Mel and Phyllis' little granddaugher Ziva, a tiny toddler, helped me empty the bag of cookies that was our food contribution. You should have seen how cute and earnest she was, picking up each package of Chips Ahoy so determinedly.

Talked till suppertime when a bunch of us went to Sunflower, a Chinese buffet. Not bad food and you get a hibachi steak with the price if you ask for it. We had a great time gabbing, and are now back at the lodge--talking some more. :-)

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