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» Friday, March 09, 2012
That Was The Week That Was
Aside from work...what? Did finally get connected with Netflix streaming again, but had to use a cable. Picture was better, though. On the way home I had been listening to a "Travel With Rick Steves" about "the Monuments Men," part of the Allied movement in World War II who helped retrieve and restore the great art treasures of Europe that the Nazis confiscated. He was talking with the author of Rescuing DaVinci, but they also discussed the book and film The Rape of Europa, which I found on Netflix.

Super film! With footage of warehouses and hiding places full of paintings, sculpture, furniture, etc. (even the little belled finials that go on the Torah), looted from the Louvre, Berlin museums, private owners (especially from Jewish owners), and any other place that displayed art. Photos of Hitler with his model of the city of Linz (his birthplace), where he planned to build "the Fuhrer's Museum" with his collection for all to see. And terrible stories of the "deviant art" from people like Picasso and Matisse and more that were sold off, and sometimes destroyed, by the Nazis. And examples of restoration still going on today after the damage done by bombing, like frescos in Pisa, Italy.

This evening was a welcome respite from the week. We had supper at Golden Corral, looked for socks in REI for James but were unable to find them (he likes the 20 Below, or whatever they call them, to keep his feet warm at night), and then went to the Coupon Commotion at JoAnn. Got Scotch tape and embroidery thread and other little crafty things.

We also stopped at Barnes & Noble, where James got the new Honor Harrington book and a couple of magazines; I got only magazines: the March British "Country Living," the "Country Sampler" 2012 homes tour, and the new "BBC History Magazine."

The sky is particularly pretty tonight. Most of it is clear and in the west Venus and Jupiter are forming a diagonal line, like two tiny, bright jewels against black velvet. But in the east the full moon is rising surrounded by thin clouds that drift by it like gossamer. I tried to take some photos of it, on the deck, and succeeded in locking myself out there. James was in the bedroom changing his clothes, but Willow heard me rattling the doorknob and came to check me out, and started to bark, running to the bedroom, then coming back, until James came out and rescued me. Willow romped as if to say "I'm Lassie! I rescued Mommy!"

Sleepy now. James is cooking yellow rice with veggie flakes for tomorrow and the smell is exquisite.

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