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» Sunday, March 18, 2012
Sunday on the Road and in the Cold
So this morning, we can sleep.

Well, sorta. James forgot to shut off his alarm. I forgot to shut off my alarm. So by the time the real alarm went off, we weren't alarmed at all, just annoyed.

After breakfast and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (really, the substitute music is too annoying; not period and too loud, sometimes overwhelming the dialog—how I hate the RIAA for making this necessary!), we drove out to Fry's. Although it was sunny and felt pleasant initially, we weren't down the road and under the sun fifteen minutes before we decided the A/C had to go on. Spring was in riot: although the Bradford pear trees are already leafed, the purple-blossomed trees were in full color and the dogwoods, which usually don't bloom until April, are already unfurling their moonshine white petals.

We don't usually go out that early, so the first thing that delayed us was the after-service traffic coming out of the big church on Lower Roswell Road. There were also a lot of "Sunday drivers" out, and a half-dozen motorcyclers who made passing difficult. Traffic was pretty thick until we got out of Roswell.

We had lunch at Fry's. I keep reminding myself not to do this. As usual, they had no soup, so I went with a tuna salad sandwich with only tomatoes on it. Good thing, too, as there were enough onions in it already to choke a horse.

Shopping, however, was successful. I needed some DVD-R disks, and they had a good price. They had the new "Cross-Stitch and Needlework" on the magazine stand, and I also found the entire series of Land of the Lost for $15 (I hate season 3, but the entire series was half the price of seasons 1 and 2 separately). Also discovered they had a 16GB SD card at an excellent sale price. Plus I did get a new set of headphones, one level up from the ones I had. These come with a volume level and a stereo/mono switch.

By the time we got home, we had a Sunday paper and headaches from the sun. James put our lamb chops under marinade and we spent the afternoon watching Wild Russia. The lamb chops were luscious later on, finished with balsamic onion sauce, pieces dipped in mint jelly, with stroganoff noodles on the side. I only had a small spoonful of these, choosing to have a long slice of French bread mopped in the juices of the lamb chops. Yum...better than filet mignon any day.

Tonight was the premiere of Frozen Planet, which is being multicast on Discovery, Animal Planet, the Science Channel, and God knows what else. It's marvelous, switching from north to south poles and back again, showing not only arctic and antarctic animals, but snowfields, trees burdened by snow, exquisite ice crystals and snowflake formations, icepack breakup and glacier movement...lovely!

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