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» Friday, March 30, 2012
Shop Till You Stop
A fair sleep-in, the usual breakfast, then off to Publix to score some twofers. A treat this week is a coupon for two-for-one Hallmark cards, party supplies, or gift wrap. I got two things I can use later this year. Unfortunately I bought something refrigerated, so had to return home before I could go to Kroger, pick up my prescription, and finally get off to business.

I stopped at Michaels for something else, but ended up with some clearance products, including something for [mumble]. :-) From there I went to Costco for another reason altogether, and found omeprazole on sale. Score! (This is how you know when you're getting old; you get het up when your medications are on sale...LOL.) I also bought a package of Forever stamps, since I was about to max out the remainder of mine.

And finally I did get what I needed at Office Max: a tray to corral all my sticky notes and tabs for work. Bought a new pen and paperclip holder as well and messed around with the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet.

Came home by the Publix near our Kaiser office, and bought two more cards, graduation cards for Aubrey and Jessie. I was going to get some soup from the deli, but they didn't have anything in a chicken flavor that I liked. I did find lamb shanks on sale and scored two of those, and bought a surprise for dessert Sunday night since James has to work.

My final stop was at the Publix on the East-West Connector. This one had some appetizing chicken and wild rice soup which was so thick it was practically stew. I bought a couple more cards, then was teased by the enticing soup odor all the way home. I had it with some milk and a piece of the baguette I had bought during the first Publix stop—an excellent lunch!—while watching a cute movie I had recorded at Christmastime.

Margie is the cute story of a teenage girl growing up in 1928 middle America (the movie was actually filmed in Reno, Nevada), within the framing story of a mother telling her bobbysoxer daughter (the film was made in 1946) the story of the bloomers and the chain found while cleaning the attic. Margie's mother has been dead many years and she lives with her grandmother; her reserved father is an undertaker and visits her on Wednesdays. Like everyone else in school, she makes sheeps' eyes at "Jonnykins," the coolest guy in the school (with the porkpie hat and the raccoon coat), who's played by Conrad Janis, the actor who played Mindy's father on Mork and Mindy, and is befriended by Roy, who writes poetry (Alan "Wilbur Post" Young in his first screen role). Then, like all the other girls, she develops a crush on the new French teacher.

This is a fun movie, with a great soundtrack of 1920s songs. Margie's grandmother is atypical for movies of the time as she was a suffragette (thus the chain stored in the attic) and encourages Margie in her role on the debating team and hopes she will some day become the first woman President. There's a running gag about Margie's bloomers (she's a bit careless with her clothing) and also the subplot about Margie's dad discovering that his daughter has grown into an intelligent and vivacious young lady whom he should visit more often.

Didn't get much else done since I had a bee in my bonnet about sending some Easter cards this year. So I sat down and wrote them out, and then realized I had no Passover cards. Well, rats. Luckily James got out early, and he had to go to Cumberland Mall to pick up his second pair of glasses; the first pair came in earlier this week. While he was at VisionWorks, I walked down to the Hallmark store and bought the cards I needed.

Then we had to struggle our way northbound. It's the Friday before spring break and traffic was an appalling snarl everywhere; at 4 p.m. there were four traffic accidents in a seven-mile corridor on I-75 North. We completely abandoned not only the freeway but US41, and wound our way through surface streets (with only Powers Ferry being a slowdown) to get to Williamson Barbecue on Roswell Road where we were celebrating Ken Spivey's birthday. We sat with the Boulers and discussed books and e-Readers, ate yummy barbecue, traded talk with other tables, and watched Ken open his gifts. On the way home we used our last Baskin-Robbins coupon on dessert.

So now we have a nice pile of cards to mail tomorrow. Going to pop the $20 we owe to the State of Georgia in the post as well.

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