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» Friday, March 16, 2012
Sears, 0; Linda, 0
Second night in a row not sleeping properly. How annoying.

My first goal this morning was picking up the headphones I ordered yesterday. Several years ago, we both received a nice pair of Sony headphones for Christmas. I use them occasionally at night to listen to BBC radio, and when I do that, hang them from the remote holder. Between Willow passing back and forth on that route and my own restless legs, somehow one of the earpieces was broken—it won't stay in place over the ear anymore. I've really liked these 'phones and went looking online for them, and found them for a really good price at Sears. You could order online and then pick them up at the store. I had to go that way anyway this morning, and did so.

Well, they gave me the wrong headphones, although I didn't discover it until after I went to the bank and to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a new Vornado for next to the bed. My fan stays going constantly. The one I have is working fine, but it fell out of the window after a gust of wind from a thunderstorm that came roaring through and has been rattling ever since, disturbing my sleep, unless it is pointed straight up. I'll take that one to work, and get rid of the fan I have there, as that one makes a holy racket when I turn it on in the morning (the bearings are shot). It was so noisy last week Cherie came out of her office to see what the dickens was going on!

Anyway, I looked at the headphones at a red light and said "What the heck..." They definitely weren't the same. I took them back to Sears and the woman in electronics said she's had this happen before. She said they had some in stock at Town Center. I hadn't intended on going that far, but I figured I could check out CD Warehouse at the same time.

The latter was a winner. I bought used Blu-Ray versions of Lady and the Tramp (which is my favorite Disney animated feature along with 101 Dalmatians), Beauty and the Beast, and The Adventures of Tintin.

Sears was a big fat duck egg. They had the same pair of headphones at that Sears. The guy even pointed to the photo on the website and said "This is the same pair!" Uh, no. There are no markings on the earpieces that label "Left" and "Right," they don't rotate, and the pin end is L-shaped, not straight, and it doesn't come with the full-sized adapter. It's not the same headphone. Sears is showing a photo of what I want but selling another set in their place.

So I came home rather grumpy. I did do some research and found out what Sears is selling is a newer model, which is what the salesman at Town Center suggested. That's fine. But their website should not show the older pair and imply you are going to get those, and then give you another kind. The newer model does not have as good a rating as the old ones.

Anyway, I wanted to check out the As Seen on TV store, which turned out to be at the opposite end of the mall from Sears. The walk was nice, but the mall is such a bore now. I haven't been here in a long while; the Waldenbooks was still open the last time we went. The Waldenbooks is now store. Like malls needed more of these. The most interesting store left is Brookstone. The Lindt store was replaced by even more overpriced chocolate, Godiva. I don't see the appeal; it's really not better than any other good chocolate. The Yankee Candle is still there, Bath and Body Works, GNC. a Game Stop, a Hallmark somewhere...and the rest appears to be clothes, shoes, and clothing accessories. Yawn.

I was surprised to see a Disney Store still there. I thought it had closed. That's mostly clothes, too, and that horrible "Princess" crap. The stuffed animals are now stuffed in the back.

Anyway, came home from there; found Schuyler watching Rachael Ray with Peewee Herman as guest. Was too hungry and headachy from the sun—I'd stayed out a lot later than I expected, and the sun and the heat had done a number on my head—to change the twaddle.

James got home early after working overtime two nights in a row. For supper we went to Sweet Tomatoes. We used to go here quite often in the past, but I kind of became disenchanted with it when they got rid of the rice on the tortilla bar. I used to get the rice and put it in the chicken soup instead of the big noodles. Well, we were less enchanted now. They have removed several vegetable choices from the salad bar and replaced it with a $2.50 extra section. I can see them charging extra for chicken or other meat to put on your veggies, but...$2.50 for mandarin oranges? or almonds? You're kidding me. One of the staff was unloading the soup dishes to a huge cart right in the middle of people trying to serve themselves, they were out of a bunch of the breads; later they refilled those and the focaccia was gone. It was really pretty poor.

We went to JoAnn because James was looking for a new swing-arm lamp; the switch has failed on his old one, which we had previously purchased at JoAnn. Well, since JoAnn remodeled they have nothing but Ott Lights and "natural light" fixtures, expensive lamps. I didn't want to waste those nice half-off coupons, though, so I bought some Command hooks for the back of the bathroom door for use of guests, and some Post-It notes and tabs for use at work.

We did stop at Staples at the way home, and they had a very nice swing-arm lamp, a not-so-expensive lamp. :-) That worked out at least.

Still pissed at Sears, though.

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