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» Saturday, March 17, 2012
Out and About
James went off to work this morning, and I finally had the relief of a good sleep.

The one thing I had to do this morning was get a rebate form in the mail. I have been used to, in the past few years, of doing rebates on line, but it appeared that this one had to be mailed in. So I fixed breakfast and started to fill out the form.

Not...quite! You had to fill out the rebate forms and register online! If you didn't register online, you didn't have the address to send the paper copy to. Along with that, I had forgotten to scan my copies, so had to drag the scanner out before I could even put the copies in the envelope. What a pain, and it meant I didn't leave the house until 10 a.m.

I first went to the Farmer's Market, picking out some goat cheese for myself and chicken salad for James. I then walked across the square, taking some photos of the spring flowers, but the Corner Shop didn't open until eleven. So I went on, dropping the rebate envelope at the post office.

I had one very delayed errand I wanted to do today: get some batteries for the Cyberhome remotes. The one in the spare room has been dead since before the Twelfth Night party. So I pocketed the dead one before I left the house; it's one of those round, nearly flat ones, and you can't just pick them up at Wally World.

This was accomplished in five minutes once I'd gotten to Cobb Parkway and Batteries Plus. Next I drove to Publix and picked up a few things at two-for-one before going to Kroger and finishing the weekly shopping. I managed to find some lamb chops and some nice steak on the manager's special rack, and found some of the little key-lime pies James likes. Now hopefully we can enjoy ourselves tomorrow instead of worrying about groceries!

All this took me only two hours and ten minutes, including putting up the groceries. I was quite chuffed!

I had two other jobs to do today, but first I availed myself of lunch, taking some slices of the French bread I had bought and having it with the last of the previous batch of goat cheese and a glass of milk, while watching part of the Lassie episode "The Dogcatcher." This was definitely partially filmed on a real set of city streets; Gramps shops at a seed and feed whose name is cleverly blocked, and you can see a portion of a window of a drugstore which reminded me so much of DiLorenzo's Drug Store on Cranston Street, or even Dolan's on Park Avenue when I was very small, including a big placard for Bactine!

The first thing I needed to do was put my new fan up. A cinch, right? Unplug the old, replug the new. Um. No. You see, the fan is plugged into a receptacle that is in back of my twin pile of to-be-read nonfiction books (yes, the ones that are about breast-high—let's say Borders' bargain bins and Really Good Coupons, plus a few things from remainder book shelves at Books-a-Million and B&N have been very good to me). So I had to take the piles down in sections, rearrange them a little so that books I want to read first are at the top, and then pile them back up carefully once the fan was plugged in and going. They have to be very carefully stacked so they lean back against the wall and are only minimally capable of falling over.

Once that was finished, I headed downstairs for the bigger job. The last Friday I had off, I bought three plastic crates at Walmart. They were still stacked in the hall downstairs. I went into the pantry closet and pulled all the stored vegetable and fruit containers away from the wall and into the hallway, then put the three crates back against the wall, one at a time, putting the heavy cans of vegetables and fruits on the bottom, then another crate into which I put less heavy pasta (elbow macaroni and mac'n'cheese), and finally the third crate on the top, into which went still lighter things, plus a few things on top of it. I was then able to stack soup cans and diced tomato cans on the shelf where the elbow macaroni and mac'n'cheese had been. There's still only room for James' pineapple cans on the floor.

Oh, well, you can pretty much get to everything, and the "bunny bag" is helping. At Publix, I bought one of their reusable shopping bags with a spring/Easter rabbit motif, and put a stack of Ramen noodles and then all our packets of Rice'n'Sauce and Pasta'n'Sauce into it. You need only lift it to get it out of the way to look at the supplies in the crates. Once I wash the heavy jackets, they can go on the little bit of hanging space that's left.

And I worked it so the Pet Rider for the back seat of the car now hangs up. Yay.

After that workout I was ready for a nice respite. I sat down to watch a few more episodes of Edward the King ("Alix," where Bertie is urged to be married and Prince Albert dies, and "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" about Bertie and Princess Alexandra's wedding and early days of marriage). There is one scene early in "Alix" where Queen Victoria asks Princess Alice to go get her father, and Alice must curtsey to her. Imagine curtseying to your own mother! In a later scene in "Welcomes" all the adult children and the smaller ones, too (Prince Arthur and Prince Leopold) must bow or curtsey when the queen comes in the room.

[Later: Was watching 1930s "Superman" cartoons when James came home. We went to Hibachi Grill for supper, where we saw a magnificent cloud backlit by the sun on our way out. Also dropped in to the Barnes & Noble at the Avenue at West Cobb. I'm incorrigible...I bought another book; it was The Monuments Men and only six dollars. Came home to watch Too Cute (more kittens) and—finally—the second part of the Barrington project on This Old House.]

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