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» Sunday, March 04, 2012
No Rinty this morning, but a Monkees marathon in honor of Davy Jones. "Understood completely..."

Went out shopping about noon, Publix for twofers first, then to Kroger for milk, bananas, and other little things. Yes, they'd refilled the yogurt, so I'd reacted for nothing. But better with yogurt than without.

Came home, put the groceries away, then went out in the wind to refill the birdseed container. Oh, it was a "wild October day" transferred to March, a perfect blue sky, feathery clouds, and nice and cool in the 50s, with a brisk breeze. The dead leaves swooped and dashed and played tag as we mixed the seed. There's still about two inches left in the can, so perhaps another bag of safflower, or another bag of finch food next time. We were no sooner inside than a hungry horde of windblown sparrows showed up to take every seat (there are a dozen perches) in the house.

Now I time how many days it takes to empty! If only that red-bellied woodpecker wasn't such a sloppy git when he eats.

We had other things we should have done this afternoon, but just read the paper while I finished up my project for [mumble]. It's nice to know it will be going out soon.

Soup is good on a cold night, and that's what we had, James with corn English muffins, and me with a few slices of the boule we bought at Kroger to dip into the soup. Had The Seven Little Foys on this afternoon, followed by the least objectionable program, which turned out to be [groan] House Hunters (since frippin' PBS is fundraising again). Read the paper. Watched Holmes on Homes.

Now that the project is finished, I'm about to attack a linguistic book. I picked it out of the pile and discovered a Borders sticker on the back. [Deep, deep sigh.]

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