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» Saturday, March 31, 2012
High-Life on Saturday
It will amuse you to know that we were done with our day by 3 p.m. Ah, such exciting lives...

I wish I'd had a quieter night's sleep...

We had a nice trip to the Farmer's Market this morning. We enjoyed our breakfast so much last weekend that we decided to do it again this week. We strolled through the market, but decided not to buy anything until we were finished. This morning we had breakfast at the Sweet Cakes Patisserie. The service was a little bit slow due to the crowd, but the food was worth the wait: I had a light, fluffy waffle and syrup with homemade bacon and a fruit cup on the side. James had an omelet with mushrooms, onions and other goodies and also a fruit cup.

Then we strolled the farmer's market, laughed over the attending dogs, including a brace of three long-haired dachshunds, bought some chicken salad and sampled some salmon, and stopped as we were leaving to watch three artists painting the market scene. It was interesting seeing each of their styles, the colors they used—one had a reddish cast, one looked more impressionistic, one was very detailed—and the smell of oil paint made me positively nostalgic. I love the smell of oil paint!

We mailed our Easter cards and tax payment, and, since it was still too early to go to the hobby shop, we stopped at Sam's. Picked up some Mandarin oranges and also found a multipack of no-sugar-added applesauce, a book, and two sleep shirts (no pockets) for James.

Spent about an hour at the hobby shop. I finished up a novel called The Grand Mirage, about a British agent trying to foil the German plans for empire expansion in Turkey. It was quite a good free Kindle book!

We stopped at MicroCenter on the way home (I bought a capacative stylus; it's good for tapping, but not as good for sliding) and Publix to get something for supper (it was disappointing; I'll say no more about it). A clerk was giving samples of Nutella on cinnamon swirl bread. OMG... Finally James got gasoline at Kroger and we came home for the  evening  afternoon.

However, we had goodies to watch. James took a snooze in his chair while I watched something I taped back in December, Ghost Bird, a documentary about the reports of ivory-billed woodpeckers still surviving in Arkansas. It was also a portrait of a dying town and the people who hoped the bird-watchers would help their economy, and an ecology lesson: it was so depressing seeing them open drawer after drawer of dead extinct birds: Carolina parakeets, passenger pigeons, some type of warbler, Eskimo sad.

We also watched episodes three and four of the "Barrington Project" on This Old House (with a killer sunset over Narragansett Bay at the end of part 4) and Nuvo TV's latest episode of Hill Street Blues. What with this and that, it was suddenly time for Too Cute, which is where we are now. This week: bullmastiffs, Portuguese Water dogs, and three of the cutest Jack Russell terriers you've ever seen.

Wait, cute Jack Russells...that's redundant, right? :-)

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