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» Friday, March 02, 2012
The Heat is On
Yeah, I slept late. Wanna make something of it?

When I got up at nine, it was the same miserable weather as yesterday, in the mid-60s climbing its way to the 70s. At the beginning of March! We put the air conditioner on last night because it was nearly 80 in the house.

I wrapped a couple of packages that I want to send, but decided not to get them out today (later on I realized I could have mailed them, since I can't finish the other two until Sunday...sigh). About 11, I went to Walmart, since we are soon to need wild birdseed again. I bought the same as last time—20 pounds of coarse seed, 10 pounds of finch seed, 5 pounds of thistle seed, but 14 pounds of safflower seed instead of 7. If this still doesn't fill the container, next time I'll get 20 pounds of the finch seed. Also got three more crates to use in the pantry closet.

On the way home I stopped at Hobby Lobby and was distracted by the cutest little spring sheep. But it was a $4 piece with 40 percent off, and purchased along with a Command hook on a 40 percent off coupon.

Walked through Dollar Tree and got a few more coin roller bags and a bar of Pears soap I want to try as facial soap. Pears' soap is over 100 years old, has a Pear-less reputation (sorry, couldn't resist), and I'm always coming across advertisements for it in "St. Nicholas." [Later: Wow, that's an...interesting scent! I would have expected a milder scent from a translucent soap such as this.]

Oh, yeah, and I now have Juanita's birthday gift. :-)

Came home and immediately filled the bird feeders, as the sky had been dark all morning although these are still cumulus clouds. Looks like I bought birdseed just in time because when I tipped the enamel cup in I scraped the bottom of the container. I thought I felt a spit of rain, but nothing else happened. I then had my lunch and worked on a project for about a half hour, then went out to get gasoline. The Coupons App claimed the new Kroger had gas for $3.33, which was a lie, but I used our points and got a little discount anyway.

I didn't plan to go inside, but an excellent parking space presented itself, so I claimed it. They had soup on sale, so I bought some of that, and, because they had so little yogurt, I grabbed what they had, and bread for lunches, and a couple of other things.

Then back to the project until James got home. We had supper at Panera, keeping a wary eye on the sky. The weather report was growing more and more ominous, relating the tale of two tiny southern Ohio towns, one of which has apparently been completely obliterated by a tornado, the other badly damaged. We also went to Michael's and had dessert at Baskin-Robbins via a coupon, then came home and pretty much watched the weather reports all night. The tornado sirens went off several times, and there was word of a tornado heading for downtown Marietta, but we had nothing more than a few spatters of rain with lightning in the distance. One of our friends even called us to see if we were okay. This storm moved its relentless way east, wreaking havoc at the Home Depot on Roswell Road (near Trader Joe's) and then heading northeast toward Commerce. Once it had passed Johnson Ferry Road we called up the Lawsons to see if they were okay.

The news was upsetting, one county over, in Rockmart, a man barely pulled his parents into a downstairs closet in time before a tornado ripped off the front of the house: they showed the table in front of which his parents were sitting just moments before he dragged them downstairs—it was now at the very edge of the open front of the house! Another man and his wife would have usually been home and possibly in bed (she works third shift), but went out to dinner and when they came home a tree had fallen on their roof and there was timber and debris in their bed. Another house nearby had its entire roof ripped off.

Everyone says, "Oh, warm is nice! We don't want it cold, let's have it warm!" Well, folks, this is what happens when you have it warm! Put a sweater and heavier socks on, because we don't get freakin' tornadoes when it's cold!

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