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» Sunday, March 11, 2012
A Cat Flap Day
It started early, too—I was awake and asleep and awake again. Willow finally barked about a minute or two before the alarm went off to remind me of Rin Tin Tin. Today's episodes: "Rin Tin Tin and the Medicine Man" (patent medicine, that is, featuring Frances Kareth, the older sister of Kym "Gretl von Trapp" Karath) and "The Babe in the Woods."

From there we went to Publix for twofers, and then to Kroger. After taking that home, we went to Aldi to get a couple of things, and then went to Petsmart. They were adopting dogs, as always on weekends, and there were several intriguing-looking ones, including one that was a pug crossed with some type of minipin or Manchester terrier type dog with a pug coat, curled tail, and the black nose, but it was slim, had long legs and a longer nose, if still with an undershot jaw. There was also a chocolate brown Chihuahua cross, which looked like it was crossed with a dachshund. Its legs weren't all that short, but he was longer than usual and had forelegs like a dachshund.

Inside was an adorable litter of kittens awaiting adoption, including a grey tabby that had not a particle of brown in the grey; it was a mix of smoke grey and silver, with the perfect tabby "M" on her forehead, and the most darling kitten face. And a small conure hanging from the top of its cage using one foot. Look! upside-down birdie! A small child was delighted by the gymnastics. One bag of budgie seed later, we returned home... go out onnnnnnnnnne more time, but to say where we went might reveal the nature of this newest "project." So "mum's the word." [Cut to Thermians looking confused and murmuring "Mum...mum..."]

By the time we got home it was way after three. Time to settle in and read the paper. Watch the National Geographic Channel. Find cute videos on YouTube ( least a dozen adorable budgie videos...wait..."adorable budgie" is redundant; just ask Schuyler). Thai ground pork for supper, with non-Terry's orange ball slices for dessert.

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