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» Saturday, March 03, 2012
After watching weather reports until the wee hours of the night (and watching Bruce Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon's show), we were up quite late this morning. By the time we ate breakfast and got ready to go out, it was after noon. It was a lovely day, though; the cold front was on the heels of the thunderstorms last night and it was a nice, comfortable 50s, starting out sunny and ending up cloudy with a nice breeze: my favorite!

We mailed my parcels first of all, then went out to Merchant's Walk. This was near the Home Depot that got messed up in the storm last night, but the rest of the area seemed to be unscathed. We stopped at Hallmark, where I bought Easter cards and a couple of gifts. From there we made the mistake of stopping at Whole Foods because I wanted some Yukon Gold potatoes. Haven't seen them anywhere else in weeks. We always spend too much at Whole Foods. But I bought Schuyler a treat: hulled millet!

We also stopped at Trader Joe's for the necessities of life (chicken salad, chocolate-dipped pomegranate seeds, stuff like that—LOL), then stopped at the hobby shop for a while, then finally made a brief stop at Book Nook before going for Italian food at Giovanni's.

Have spent the evening at home fighting a headache and watching the Lassie episodes I couldn't watch last night because I wasn't feeling well. We went from a sixth season episode ("The Space Traveler," with Vasquez Rocks as the picturesque backdrop) to a sixteenth season episode I don't think I've seen rerun in years, if at all, "The Chase," where two dimwit snowmobilers run a deer until it collapses "for fun." The credits had the Campbell's Soup logo in the right-hand corner! Could these be original network prints? Cool...

Irritated elsewhere television-wise: HGTV seems to have been taken over by House Hunters and its other house-search brethren like Property Virgins. Why don't they just rename it "House Hunters TV" and be done with it? I miss all the old decorating shows with Matt and Shari, Joan Steffend...God, I'm up to the point that I miss Joanne Liebler!

Plus back in December both our PBS stations pre-empted This Old House endlessly for fundraising. They finally caught up with the last season of TOH during the end of January and February. Now that they've started a new season, showing the remodel of the house in Barrington, RI, guess what...yes, they are pre-empting it again...for more fundraising. Guys, did you ever think if you actually stuck to the regular programming on a long-term basis, people might be more inclined to pledge? For my part, if I see Suze Ormand, Wayne Dyer, Celtic Woman, and all the other pledge programming that is run endlessly one more time, I'm gonna barf.

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