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» Sunday, February 19, 2012
Lazy Sunday
The Great Backyard Bird Count 
A chill, drizzly, mizzly, grey, dismal day. Started off the day with breakfast and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. More of the awful dubbing again, and the tinny music is annoying. Not sure why they've committed such barbarities against the series. I'm sure the RIAA had something to do with the music. Gits.

Then, since there wasn't much else to do, I finished reading The Garden Intrigue while James surfed online and continued reading Harry Turtledove. Had The Revolutionary War running in the background.

When I'd finished the book we went out to Publix to get a newspaper. Bought something for dessert, and bought some aloe gloves and socks for myself. By the time we got home, our supper, the little pork loin cooking slowly in the crock pot with teriyaki and black sauce, was approaching completion, but still had a bit to go. So I pulled out the envelope that's been collecting all year with tax receipts and started up Turbo Tax and did the taxes. Not much different than last year; we never seem to have itemized deductions that outpace the standard deduction. I'm going to quit buying Turbo Tax and do it all online. Phooey. We owe the state $20, which, of course, I will pay as late as I can. And when I was finished, so was dinner.

We had the luscious pork with teriyaki noodles and watched more Pie in the Sky. Will really be sorry when this series is over.

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