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» Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Flower Faces
Okay, I was going to pin this in Pinterest, but Jane Brocket asks that you not use her photos without permission, so here's the link to the post:

I love pansies almost as much as I love lilacs, because their cute little "faces" remind me of budgies or owls. These two little guys "posing" are so appealing!

I love Brocket's blog; it's always so bright! I bought her Gentle Art of Domesticity book not because I like to knit or crochet, or cook, or garden, but because I couldn't resist the bright illustrations, especially those given patterns and textures: rows of yarns, quilt patches, threads. I've never gotten over my childhood love for rainbow colors, whether on Christmas trees or in fireworks.

(And really, really, really Brocket publisher, you need to put Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer back into print because I can't find it for less than $60 and that is ridiculous. At least put it into PDF format and sell it as an e-book! ::grump!::)

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