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» Saturday, February 25, 2012
A Brief Respite (Temperature-Wise)
Woke up yesterday morning to find it still seventy degrees! Thankfully, it wasn't raining—Atlanta traffic is bad enough without the "liquid stupidity" falling down. It was an average day, with lots of work, and a too-short nap, but the drive home was civilized. It got very dark during the noon hours, but I don't believe it ever rained.

I had a surprise when I came home: my order from PBS came! Most of these are DVDs sleighted as gifts for James, in his various interests, of course. I only bought four for myself, the Ric Burns film "Coney Island," which I have adored ever since it appeared on American Experience; a 90-minute film, The Blitz; the Trevor Eve/Eve Myles comedy-drama Framed; and the Blu-Ray (it was the same price as the regular DVD) of "Elsa's Legacy." Born Free was my favorite novel when I was in fifth grade, and I read it until my copy fell apart.

We had supper at Hibachi Grill, then went to Walmart. James wanted a few more of the camo pajama bottoms for comfy lounging, and I needed padded envelopes. We also picked up a new rug for the foyer; the old one having major snags in it. Then we came home and I put on "Coney Island." This is the extended 67-minute version, which includes more of the Al Lewis narration (yes, Al Lewis as in Grandpa on The Munsters; he used to be a carny at Coney Island) and also some color footage and commentary from people who went there postwar. I love the old footage, even the slightly creepy film of the elephant being killed via electrocution.

Stayed up too late reading a "Country Living" and was distinctly not happy when Willow started to bark this morning. One of the things that had happened yesterday as the storm passed through was that the temperature dropped like a rock. From 70°F at six a.m., it was 57 when I drove home, and the wind had a distinct edge. So it was a wonderful evening for sleeping!

We had a leisurely breakfast and headed out about noon. Went to the hobby shop and then drove out to the Marlay House for the February edition of the BritTrack Meet'n'Greet. It started out with a small group in the snug and a little bit after three the population doubled; there were at least a dozen by the time the "party" broke. The conversation was as varied as the participants, from Doctor Who to Sherlock to bits of anime and British comedy and recommendations of what to see. I was disappointed because they did not have lamb stew today; had chicken rice soup with their wonderful French bread instead, and James and I split a brownie.

After a great afternoon, we had a rotten time getting home: we went east to I-285 like last time, instead of braving the traffic through downtown again, but they were doing roadwork and traffic was backed up into forever. So instead of continuing, we got off at LaVista Road and took Briarcliff and Shallowford to get back to I-85 south and then to I-75 north. Since these directions are actually south-west and north-west, we had the sun in our eyes all the way. Ugh.

Had cereal and, later, goat cheese and crackers for supper. Put on The Blitz and it turned out I had never seen this one. It was produced in Britain and followed the story of several people on the night of December 29, 1940, the night of heaviest bombing, and one in which the Germans used incendiaries, with magnesium in them. Had the Germans sent the second wave of bombers, as they intended, the firestorm might have eaten up the city of London. Even St. Paul's Cathedral almost caught fire. One man that they spoke to lost his father, mother, and sister when they were buried in an air raid shelter. Another sister and his brother survived, but the brother was never "right" again; he never had any friends and lived alone for the rest of his life.

Had to catch the newest episode of Too Cute! on Animal Planet. They followed the puppyhood of three litters: a Rottweiler litter of eleven, three little pugs, and six miniature Australian shepherds. They were truly too cute! LOL. I loved the little Aussies best, but then I am partial to anything that looks like a collie.

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