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» Sunday, January 29, 2012
Stop and Shop
The Great Backyard Bird Count
The dog barked intermittently for two hours this morning. Grrrrrrr!

So it was not a happy morning, and we went out late grocery shopping. We went to Costco for TurboTax (the coupon expired today) and a flat of mushrooms, nibbled on a few samples, did get some milk since it's cheaper than at the grocery, then came back to Kroger.

By then it was almost two o'clock, so that the new Kroger was slammed. We had to ask someone to go in the back to get my yogurt (none of the other flavors was sold out except the one I wanted; which they had plenty of on odd!), I was delayed picking up my prescription at the pharmacy because the person checking me out thought I wanted to use my insurance, no. I forgot to buy GasX (coupons were expiring today) and had to go back through the self-check and that was all sorts of trouble.

Once we had the groceries away, we had an opportunity to have a little fun. We took my car, went to Barnes & Noble—nothing much out, but I did find one of those cool ephemera books, this for World War II (where you get pull-out documents, etc.) on the remainder shelf—and then stopped to gas up the car on the way home.

Pot roast pot pie and a cucumber/tomato salad for supper, with a chaser of Holmes on Homes.

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