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» Tuesday, January 03, 2012
No Escape from the Real World
The Great Backyard Bird CountI am fit to be tied and morose at the same time.

When I arrived at work this morning, prepared to clean out my e-mail box and then get to my orders, I discovered there was a project I needed to do today due to time sensitivity. Accordingly, I got everything else in order so that I could devote all afternoon to this project, which involved getting documentation printed and then in order.

I discovered to my dismay that the printing that needed doing was much more extensive than I had expected. Worse, there was no way to do it expeditiously. The material was in a big .zip file with about eight folders in it. Each folder contained Word documents. Some of them had eight or ten Word documents. However at least four of them had at least thirty or forty documents in them, and the largest one must have had at least a hundred documents in it. I thought surely there was a way to tell Windows to print all the documents, I had to open each one separately, tell it to print, hit the okay button, click the document to close, and then click the button that told Windows not to change the document, and start all over again. I started this about 2:30 and by 4:30, when I usually leave, I was still not done. So I stayed until 5:30 to get the documents all printed and indexed.

This meant I had to go home cross-country rather than via the freeway, which was spectacularly colored in yellow, orange, and red on the traffic maps. I whiled away the ride looking for what Christmas lights remained—quite a few, and happily drove into our street and into the garage.

I noticed that a couple of the lights on the porch appeared to be out, so I came out of the garage rather than going directly inside to check them out. Nope, they weren't out, just behind the railing of the porch. So I went up on the porch to replace the banner—the wind was blowing so hard last night I was afraid it would pull the mount out—and as I did so, I faced the mailbox.

Son of a bitch! The new Christmas cover I bought for the mailbox was gone. Someone swiped my original one that I bought in Pennsylvania right before Christmas last year, but this year's had stayed intact. I came in the house and asked James if he had for some reason removed it. He said it was on the mailbox when he checked the mail at 5 p.m. So somewhere between five and 6:30, someone stole it!

Dammit, if Windows had offered a proper way to easily print multiple files within a folder within a .zip file, maybe I would have made it home on time and either caught the thieves at it or deterred them from doing it. Visigoths! Barbarians! [And I'm not just talking about the thieves.]

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