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» Sunday, January 15, 2012
And On Sunday...We Didn't Rest
The Great Backyard Bird Count 
Well, except for sleeping late, but then we went to bed late. After breakfast we went grocery shopping at both Publix and Kroger. (As we approached Publix from the opposite direction of the one we usually go in, I said impulsively: "Let's park on this side of the store this time." LOL. I think I'm tired of grocery shopping.)

We ran into Alice and Ken Spivey doing their weekly shopping at Kroger. We had prescriptions to pick up, and the pharmacist asked us if we didn't want to join their automatic refill system. We didn't want to tell her that the moment the new Smyrna Kroger opens, we're outta here. Why go all that way when we can just drive down the road a couple of miles?

Groceries were put up once home, then we had lunch, and finally we got all the Christmas things put away: the tree brought downstairs, which is the hardest part since James has to carry it and it's awkward, then getting it covered up and pushed in the corner of the closet, and then stacking the other boxes on the shelves and on the floor. This means the Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving boxes have to come out first so the Christmas things can go on the bottom.

When we were through with that, we hustled into our coats and drove to Parkway Pointe to see the 3:55 p.m. showing of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I guess the matinee ends at three; even with free tickets I had to pay six dollars extra! (The tickets are worth only a certain amount each.) Zowee! I'm not coming here to a movie again! (Equally depressing, we had to pass by the old Borders store on the way home, with the name still stenciled on the doors and the "ghost sign" on the building still very apparent.)

Anyway, Sherlock was fun and suspenseful, and I enjoyed it much better than I did the first one; I suppose I should watch the original again. Robert Downey didn't mumble half so much in this one, and parts of the story were quite affecting (Holmes feeling abandoned because Watson was marrying; I was getting definite House/Wilson vibes during a lot of the situations). A little suspense, a little danger, some amusing situations mostly courtesy Stephen Fry as Sherlock's brother Mycroft, lots of action and things blowing up, many improbably situations, but all fun, and Jude Law is simply smashing as Dr. Watson. (My gosh, his eyes are green.) But then I love my Watsons anyway, not just Jude Law, but Martin Freeman in the contemporary Sherlock (darn he's cute).

(Speaking of Freeman, this is the second movie we've gone to during the month, and neither time have we seen the trailer to The Hobbit. I feel cheated.)

Had turkey pot pie and a cucumber salad for supper and watched Holmes Inspection all evening. While the pie was baking I vacuumed downstairs and put it to rights, cleaned the hall, the foyer, and vacuumed the stairs. Later I vacuumed the corner where the tree had been, put the winter decorations on the divider, and then James put the rocking chair and the ottoman back in the corner, and I vacuumed the rest of the main living area.

Tomorrow I can put the regular mantel decorations back up (I miss my little autumn houses and trees) and the fall bouquet back in the hall.

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