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» Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Remembering Pearl Harbor
I was born long after the attack on Pearl Harbor, but my father, uncles, and older cousins all fought in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Theaters, and I never tired of asking my mom "Tell me the Pearl Harbor story again." (She and her mother had been walking to a cousin's house to "go visiting," and from an upper story of one of the triple-deckers up on Federal Hill, a friend called to them news of the attack. Later the whole family had gone to church; there wasn't a scheduled Mass—they just went there to pray.) One of the always fascinating things in our attic was a box full of newspaper clipping from the era: mostly maps from the newspaper detailing the daily movements of the troops, but also whole newspapers like a tribute to President Roosevelt after his death.

This novel radio special, chronicling the attack from the viewpoint of Hawaiian newspapers and Hawaiian residents is running for the next seven days on BBC 4: Random Edition, Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor attacked: A Witness Remembers, 70 Years Later

Pearl Harbor: Three Enduring Mysteries

New Book on Pearl Harbor

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