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» Sunday, November 20, 2011
There and Here and There Again

Yes, I was a grump immediately upon arising. It was going up to 70°F today and it was already getting warm. Plus we'd gone to bed late, then my alarm went off at eight, and almost immediately after that the power burped, so that every single light in the room went on, including both cell phones and the Nooks, which also bleated. ::gnash:: So, short of sleep, and warm, I was grumpy.

So we went to Publix for twofers, and I bought yogurt there just in case, because when we went to Kroger last week they only had a paltry few left. And they still had chicken broth ten for $10, so I got more of that. Chicken broth now averages $1.50 a can, so this is a good sale. Then we went to Kroger for the remainder of the shopping.

Once home with everything stowed, I pulled out and signed and addressed some Thanksgiving cards. I had a headache compounded from only having oatmeal for breakfast and the cloudy, sultry weather outside, and the fact that I had procrastinated on this was solely my own fault. But soon they were addressed and stamped, and we could combine the mailing trip with something joyous: bringing old stuff to Goodwill, including that clunky old Kirby.

I'm still feeling guilty about the Kirby. Mom spent a lot of money on providing the down payment for it. But it's heavy, difficult to maneuver, hideously complicated to put on the hose for the attachments, and the bags cost a fortune. It just doesn't work. We also brought our original DVD player, some cases for floppy disks, and both Mavicas. I looked on, which Leo LaPorte is always talking about, but the cameras weren't worth anything. However, they do still sell batteries for them, so I felt comfortable donating them. I even tossed in some floppy disks for each one.

We circled around to mail the cards, then went to Aldi, then had to stop back at Kroger again. James is making a sweet potato "sonker"—a kind of pie—for Thanksgiving dinner and what with buying the usual groceries and the supplies for Thanksgiving, he'd completely forgotten the crust for the sonker.

Had a nice afternoon watching some episodes of From the Earth to the Moon and reading the paper, with a pot-roast pot pie for supper as a chaser.

Can't believe the weekend's over already!

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