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» Sunday, November 27, 2011
Sunday Times
We did get up early to fetch the final Tintin ornament, the solo Snowy, holding a bone. It's a bit static, as James observed; wish he'd been in partial leap, or at a run or a trot.

We had breakfast at Ken's Hometown Grill (I indulged and had two orders of toast with a slice of ham; ever since I read A Discovery of Witches, which is full of characters eating delectable or cozy meals, I have been on a mad buttered toast jonesing) and then finished the week's grocery shopping at Publix. By this time it was 10 a.m. and after six hours sleep we were a bit punch-drunk. I did actually crawl back into bed, but couldn't sleep and got back up at eleven. Eventually all the things got put away, and we meandered about for the rest of the day with the Lord of the Rings trilogy running in the background on Encore. Read the paper, and then did get the three boxes out into the garage and the Christmas boxes taken down from the storage closet. James also helped me cut the red-checked gingham I bought and we tacked it to the front of the bookcase we are using as a pantry. We had no tacks and used push-pins, which look dreadful. Will replace them next weekend or whenever.

Had some thin steaks we found at Publix for supper with couscous and James is now watching Punkin Chunkin 2011. Yes, Virginia, some perfectly normal adults do spend autumn afternoons trying to hurl pumpkins long distances with catapults and trebuchets. Beats wasting money on professional sports.

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