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» Sunday, November 06, 2011
Sleep, Shop and Savor
Oh...dear. We had a fun chat last night, discussing earthquakes, Jen's Naval future, and Christmas music.

But, oh, up too late. Much too late. :-) Maybe it's why I woke up with a sore throat, although I had a sudden attack of post nasal action yesterday that probably was the primary contributing factor. Ah well, if we didn't sleep that extra hour, at least it was spent with friends (actually, I should say family, because all the folks on chat are friends who have become family).

Got the shopping out of the way this morning, then James started the turkey we bought yesterday. He made a basting sauce of butter, wine and maple syrup, then put the turkey in the oven. We then ran out to get gas for my car and to make a brief stop at Barnes & Noble, to pick up a book of Sherlock Holmes homages I had seen.

Then we came home and waited for the turkey to finish. James made a super gravy with the giblets and the neck bones, adding vegetable flakes, and then combining it with the turkey dripping. Yum. James' gravy should be a food group.

Listened to a Christmas music during the afternoon, the news, then a fascinating Nature about animal homes. Now watching Holmes up, Pan Am.

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