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» Wednesday, November 30, 2011
A Lull
...from the Latin "lullare"...ooops, sorry, wandered into a Remember WENN episode.

The lull is in the Christmas decorating; there simply wasn't time today, as I had to do the laundry during lunch. Work, on the other hand, was reeeeeallllly busy. I'm hoping with my team lead's help the last-minute hotel order will get done. There's also a vaccine storage order. And a no-cost extension that has to be done before next Wednesday. Not to mention five new orders. Wheeee.

Getting increasingly disenchanted with Harry's Law. Too many extra characters now—not fond of Ollie or Cassandra, and even though I'm fond of bombastic Tommy, he dilutes the mix even more—and the quirky "shoe store" plot has been abandoned except for occasional references. It's basically turning into LA Law or some other ensemble law drama, with "ripped from the headlines" storylines. Heck, Harry was barely in the last episode!

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