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» Wednesday, November 02, 2011
Just an Ordinary Workday
A bit of an aggravating one, as there has been a problem with Earthlink's DSL since Monday. Our download rate is supposed to be 5MB and we were barely chugging along at .22. Several calls to Earthlink determined the problem was theirs, except there was nothing on their website about it, and their first and second tier support knew nothing about it. Way to go, guys: don't give your employees the information they need to work properly.

The clog finally cleared about noon; it didn't really bother me unless I wanted to look something up. I worked on an advertisement and four new orders, and in the afternoon was finally able to listen to some things on BBC Radio 4X that I couldn't listen to earlier because at that slow a speed the player just clogged up after five minutes—they had started a new series of a Paul Temple mystery story; I really enjoy these, which are a breezy old-fashioned type adventure of a husband (detective story writer and amateur sleuth) and wife (journalist). This one is "Paul Temple and the Spencer Affair." They have something I want to listen to tomorrow: Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula.

At lunch I took down and put away all the Hallowe'en decorations and put the fall things back up. I've usually not put up the Thanksgiving things until after Veteran's Day in the past, but it gives me so little time to enjoy them. Didn't have time to put them up today, but may later in the week.

Soup for supper, then the laundry finished, and Harry's Law followed by Extreme Couponing.

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