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» Friday, November 18, 2011
Free Friday
Today was the first of my use-or-lose Fridays off. For some reason, although I could fall back in somnolent comfort every morning this week, today I couldn't sleep. Typical. So I dressed and had breakfast, then went to the bank. We've had a safe deposit box for years, but I've never put the savings bonds into it. Today I brought them over along with some rolled coins to deposit. Several were matured, so I had planned to cash them in, but the teller let me know they are still accruing interest, albeit at a lower rate, so I just put them all in the box.

Then to Office Max for a dog's breakfast of things—bookends, labels for Christmas card envelopes, and coin rollers—and a stop at Lowes. Bought some blue bulbs for the candoliers and also one of their battery-operated LED candles, which is a warm yellow rather than that creepy, dim LED-blue color of the cheaper ones I bought last year, plus a new timer.

I kept giving wistful glances over my shoulder at the empty Borders store. I keep thinking perhaps one time I will look that way and it will all have been a bad dream. Alas, still empty. At least they haven't converted it into something horrible, like...a shoe store or something. Talk about degradation and squalor.

(I don't get the women-and-shoes thing. Really, I don't. Shoes are to keep your feet warm and protected. Why would you want hundreds of them, in different styles and colors? Very strange.)

Did a quick check of the Dollar Tree, then zipped into Walmart for a few things, including the Lean Cuisine dinners I like that no one else carries, and then it was time to turn for home. I spent the afternoon having goat cheese and crackers for lunch and dubbing off two episodes of Castle and appearances by Julie Scardina and Pauley Perrette from The Tonight Show, while working on a cross stitch of a bird. The kit's been sitting on the coffee table for months and I'm tired of it being there.

We had supper at Ruby Tuesday because of the coupon, then had a novelty dessert: a doughnut each. We haven't had a doughnut since Atomicon (April). Finally a stop at Hobby Lobby. All their Christmas decorations were half off, and they have a village set this year. Well, we found a bookstore! There's no more room on our Christmas village display, but I thought the bookstore—which is so minimally Christmas-themed you almost might not notice, except for the wreath on the door—would make a good nightlight for the library. Coolness.

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