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» Saturday, November 26, 2011
An Early Saturday
Well, we were planning to support Small Business Saturday, but didn't do too much for it, just a visit to the hobby shop. Nevertheless, it was a tiring day, but fun.

We were up early for Saturday (7:30), but as we had gone to sleep at 11:30, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We wanted to be at Cost Plus World Market when the doors opened to get the second Tintin ornament, which is Tintin on his motorcycle. (And yes, we're planning to go tomorrow to get the third one of Snowy.) I found some goodies for Christmas, too. Then we went for breakfast across the parking lot at the IHOP. We're disappointed because they don't have the same specialty pancakes as in previous years, except for the pumpkin...I wanted to have the gingerbread ones again; they were delicious. We had the Nooks with us and connected to the IHOP wifi and were watching the pre-launch activities for the launch of the new Mars probe "Curiosity" via NASA's streaming channel. Cool, eh?

We crossed Cobb Parkway so James could get a look at a Kindle Fire at the Office Depot. Had the Nook with me, so noticed that the screen of the Kindle is slightly smaller. Unfortunately it only had a demo mode, so you couldn't really judge how it worked. Office Depot also had the new Asus EEE tablet, but we couldn't check that out, either; they didn't have it plugged in. [eyes roll] Nice way to sell something, guys.

We needed some things at Costco, so we went there next, arriving just as they opened, which was very nice! We needed soap, Breathe Rights, and mushrooms (there's a weird combination for you) and also picked up an Entertainment book for $20; there are at least $20 worth of coupons in it—plus a "few other things." They had the book I've been drooling over, Harry Potter: From Page to Screen, which is a ginormously huge coffee-table tome with dense text and gorgeous photography as well as original drawings of costume and set design. Still thinking about it.

So, home to drag all the stuff inside, and a bit of a respite while checking e-mail and stuff, then we drove out to Merchants Walk for a visit to Trader Joe's. Found a pumpkin tart, peppermint bark, and other Christmas treats, almond bark! The manager said they didn't get any! Blast. I wait all year for their almond bark. I wonder if it's just the Marietta store...we could check the Sandy Springs store...

We stopped by Betsy's Hallmark to get the Lucy section of the "Peanuts" band. Also got the Pongo ornament, which meant I got a freebie item, and I also had a coupon for a free ornament, and then $7 off the entire purchase.

We headed back to the hobby shop past the Kroger where we had gotten the delicious beef and chicken soups recently, hoping to take more home for supper. Sadly, they had different soups today and none looked good, so we got some pork loin instead. (I didn't eat much of it, sadly, as it was too highly peppered as well as being thick and juicy.)

Ended up at the hobby shop for a while, where I read my new issue of "Birds and Blooms" and wrestled with a sinus headache created by the approaching rainstorm. I finally downed three ibuprofin and closed my eyes on the way to our last stop at Barnes & Noble. We both looked covetously at the Nook Tablet, but only I found a book: Simon Garfield's Just My Type. Made for each other: me and a book about fonts! He even mentions College Humor's "Font Conference" and "Font Fight." Also got an Agatha Raisin book off the remainder table, as I'm rather curious after hearing the Raisin radio shows during vacation.

And then home for a rest, and supper, and listening to Schuyler give a budgie concert, and then finally chat. Hadn't talked to Rodney in several weeks, so that was nice.

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