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» Saturday, November 05, 2011
A Cool Fall Day, The "Mister," and Me
Our first Farmers Market in weeks! Today is the third from the last, so we went a bit mad: a beef pot pie; jalapeno cheese spread, chicken salad, and sun goat pesto; cookies; dog cookies; boiled peanuts; country sausage; plus breakfast and some corn on the cob. Oh, and more onion and chive goat cheese—jolly!

It was a bright blue day, not a cloud in the sky, and 39°F when we left the house, with a slight but searching little breeze. Perfect for walking, although I felt bad for the vendors: it's easy to keep warm when you are walking, harder when you have to stand there and wait for customers! We further warmed ourselves by walking across Glover Park to see if the British store was open. alas, not until eleven. We also noticed that Old Ephraims, the country-type place we had my birthday dinner in last year, is gone.

We put the perishables in the insulated bag and drove up to Woodstock to BJs. We wanted to stock up on peanut butter because it is about to increase radically in price due to bad crops. We were also going to stock up on a few other things, and noticed that if we did, along with a couple of other things that we would use, we could get a free turkey! So we did; James plans to cook it tomorrow. I also found another pair of jeans to replace the mislabeled ones I had purchased.

A treat in the DVD section: two sets I had seen in the BBC America online catalog: BBC Holiday Comedy Collection and BBC Holiday Drama Collection. Things like the To the Manor Born Christmas special, the All Creatures Great and Small episode "Merry Gentlemen," Blackadder's Christmas Carol, a Hogmanay celebration from Monarch of the Glen, etc. Super!

On the way back from BJs we stopped at Barnes & Noble. I wanted to pick up Stanley Weintraub's newest book, Pearl Harbor Christmas. James got a book of science fiction short stories. I also bought the November issue of "Atlanta" magazine, which later turned out to be a dead loss. I thought it would talk about some of the upcoming events for the holidays, but there were only a few meager pages about the subject.

We were at the hobby shop for about 90 minutes. I read my Nook while the guys gabbed, and then, finally, at about 2:30, we headed for a late lunch at Shane's Rib Shack. James was in the mood for barbecue and Shane's bothers me the least. Had pulled pork as always, saving some for a lunch, and had some of James' sweet potato fries, a better "not good for you."

We arrived home around 3:30, put all the groceries away, and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Made the bed, put some things away. Read e-mail, and discovered that Dish has not one, but two Christmas music channels already up. I'd discovered "Holiday Pop" after it was mentioned on my Christmas movies and music group. I'd left it on for about four songs; when they hit Britney Spears singing something I quit. (Later in the evening I found them playing N' "Traditional Christmas" is more to my taste: Nat Cole, Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand. Okay, they did have Frank Sinatra, but nobody's perfect.

Sometime during the evening we both got hungry. James had some soup, and I descended on my lovely goat cheese, eating it with crackers, along with a glass of milk, and had some yogurt as a chaser.

While looking for something to watch on television, we discovered that HGTV was actually showing...don't faint now...a decorating show! Really. Design on a Dime, followed by something called The High/Low Project (HGTV's successor to Sensible Chic, where the designer tries to recreate an upscale room with similar, less expensive furniture/curtains/decor). Today's HGTV seems chiefly comprised of House Hunters, House Hunters International, My First Place, Property Virgins, and other related homebuying shows, like the one that takes place in New York City and will give you heart failure when they talk about prices. Most of the DIY shows have been transferred to DIY Network, so it's one relentless relocation search after another. It's nice to actually see some home retention on HGTV!

About 9:30 I rose from my comfy chair to change clocks. If I was in a cartoon, there would be a little black mark floating over my head. Fourteen clocks! And my watch! For heaven's sake, stop this madness!

Now watching The Incredible Dr. Pol. Seeing all those really gross things James Herriot wrote about in All Creatures Great and Small and sequels, last week a prolapsed uterus, this week a cow that retained its afterbirth. And using [mumble] to work on a gift for [mumble]. Heh.

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