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» Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Cool, Cool, O So Joyful Coolness
Day one of Thanksgiving leave from work! I celebrated by sleeping until 8:30, making up for losing sleep the last two nights when it was so warm. My joints ache so much when it gets this humid and warm that I wake up due to my knees hurting and my shoulders stiff.

Next I had breakfast and headed out to do some errands. In the Sunday paper, the Target ad showed wireless mice on sale for $10 and I wanted to see if there were any left. There were; they were smaller than the one from Microcenter, but I bought one anyway for use with the laptop.

I made the mistake of wandering into their Christmas aisles and found the cutest little ceramic reindeer salt and pepper shakers; one has a red scarf, the other a green, luckily not expensive. They are a bit cartoony but very cute, with pointed faces, and the pepper one has his eyes closed as if he's just sneezed. I was very taken with their Christmas lights; as much as I don't like the LEDs I did love the sets they had that were all six colors of the rainbow, with the yellow clearly different from the orange. When I see things like that I am tempted to do multicolor on the front porch rather than blue! They also had a nice variety of different figurals I hadn't seen anywhere else, not even at Bronner's: from media like Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph (Rankin-Bass versions) to lobsters and other animals.

Before I stopped at Target I had made a brief stop at Kohl's. I checked out flannel sheets (not a lot of colors, and expensive) and flannel jammies. I also checked out the flannel pajamas at Target; it looks like if I want them they will run about $25. Still not sure I should buy them, as it gets cold enough for them only about two weeks out of the year!

From Target I turned up the East-West Connector and went to the Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway. By then I had my phone plugged in to my car stereo and listened to instrumental Christmas music. It was such a lovely day I wanted to burst with happiness: just cloudy enough to keep the sun out of my eyes, 55 degrees, and the breeze was at a good clip, whirling leaves about. Talk about energizing! The ride through West Sandtown Road is pretty, too, kind of country/suburban, with tree-surrounded yards.

So I took a look at the new Nook Tablet. It's really slick and zippy. But...there is that Color I bought all too recently. Goodness! does gadget envy ever end? Strolled around the bargain books and the new ones as well. Very surprised that this year there is not one Christmas book that I want!

Stopped at Publix on the way home to get a baguette and picked up a couple of twofers and gave $5 to the Can Bank. I haven't seen any donation barrels this year! That's a shame because I loved walking through the store last year buying staples and then watching the cashiers' faces as I told them it was all for the barrel.

At home I had the baguette with some goat cheese and dubbed off two episodes of Castle before I realized I hadn't started the laundry and it was nearly three o'clock. So I stuffed the washer for round one and then tackled a chore downstairs.

We have a bookcase in the hallway that we have filled with old APAzines. We don't read them and I really don't like the bookcase anyway. However, we do need an additional place to add food items that we are storing in our pantry closet. So I emptied the zines into Xerox paper boxes, then cleaned off the bookcase and refilled it with light things: granola bars, tea, Sweet'n'Low, cereal, box potatoes, etc. Next time I am at JoAnn I will get a piece of material large enough to cover the front (24"x60"). Maybe in red gingham. It will look cute and be an extra "closet."

When James arrived home we had supper and then he started baking the sweet potato "sonker" for Thanksgiving dinner. It has steamed sweet potatoes in it and is basically a pie. He used the leftover bits of crust to make little cinnamon rolls, the bits rolled out, basted with a little butter, and scattered with cinnamon and nutmeg, baking them in the oven. My mom used to do this if she made a pie, knowing I'd rather eat the crust anyway! Made me feel like a little girl again.

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