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» Saturday, November 19, 2011
Chicken Soup for the Soul
We had the last Farmer's Market of the season today, so we stocked up on things like pilaf, dog biscuits, more goat cheese, a pot pie, chicken salad and pimento cheese, plus apple and peach bread and a baguette to take to Hair Day. We did hear that in January they are going to have a "winter market" that will apparently be indoors. This will last through March until the outdoor version starts again.

We drove to Ron and Lin's house through Polk Street, Dallas Highway, and then Villa Rica Road. The last is so pretty with the little smallholdings, now looking austere with the faded leaves and bare branches, horses grazing in the paddock, cows lying down in the meadow, a small still pond, a picturesque barn.

A good time as usual at Hair Day: Lin passed around a funny story from "Reader's Digest," Oreta talked about her new librarian assignment, and we had chicken rice soup for lunch. This was procured from a nearby restaurant, and was thick and filling and delicious, with just a hint of lemon in it. The baguette went perfectly with it, and the apple and peach breads were gone long before that.

We went to the Hobby Shop for a while, then stopped at MicroCenter on the way home. I bought an enclosure for the hard drive that came out of my original laptop, as well as a new wireless mouse. My old mouse is still working, but it takes fits; it wears out two rechargeable AAA batteries in a week and sometimes when you put the batteries in, it doesn't power up; you have to wiggle them to get it to work. This new one (a Logitech) takes only one battery, which they claim has a life of 12 months. We'll see about that, as the old one (an Inland) claimed alkaline batteries would last three months and they barely lasted three weeks. Plus you can shut the Logitech off at night so it's not wasting battery life.

I put the laptop hard drive in the enclosure and was dismayed when it started making a grinding noise. However, I had it seated badly, and eventually it did work. I was rewarded by finding old Remember WENN chats dating back to before the series was cancelled in September 1998; heck, from before fourth season aired!—Joanne, who began the chats, was actually on one transcript, and folks we haven't heard from in years like Emerie, Lee, Jess, Diane, Jill, etc., as well as our late friend Dana Sherman—plus my original diary entry for our trip to Nyack, NY, to see Rupert Holmes' play Thumbs, Jess' prom photos, conversations with Rupert's dad Leonard.

Watched some British Christmas things tonight: The Good Life's "Silly, But It's Fun," the To The Manor Born Christmas special, "Christmas Crackers" from Are You Being Served?, and All Creatures Great and Small's "Merry Gentlemen." I love the last...just the coziness of that old house, and the Dalelands; I want to transport myself into it, like Lucy into Narnia.

Ended up the night on chat and watching a couple of Thanksgiving specials I'd recorded in previous years, Thanksgiving Unwrapped and The Secret Life of Thanksgiving.

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