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» Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Tidy-Up Tuesday
We had a "tidy-up Tuesday" today at work—the supervisors treated us to breakfast (eggs, ham biscuits, fruit, orange juice, coffee, and some other things), we had atta-boys all 'round, and then we were encouraged to clean up our offices. Great quantities of ring-bound binders (many from submissions of proposals), copy paper boxes full of papers, and other items suddenly appeared in the hall. We had a big shredding container brought upstairs and we not only filled it, but we filled it with so much paper that the axle of the wheels was bending and the rubber wheels were tilted sideways.

It was a perfect cleaning day, too: overcast, drizzly, and cool, which was a mixed blessing, especially during rush hour (it took me 75 minutes to get home and it was barely drizzling), as noted in Holiday Harbour.

However, I finally cleaned out the bottom drawer of my black filing cabinet of old course information (instruction books for WP5.1, WP for Windows, Paradox, etc. included), just keeping the contract law materials and the ICE instruction manual, and some old reference stuff going back to when I started here in 1988. I also finally got rid of my rubber stamps, a sorta-fond memory of the days in PAB, and a clunky old rack I used to use to hold invoices. The old order changeth...

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