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» Saturday, October 01, 2011
In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Daytime
Honest to my grandmaw, it was 49°F this morning. It certainly was perfect sleeping weather.

This would have been fine except like dopes we stayed up late last night. Hugh Laurie and Herman Cain were on the Tonight show, and then Jimmy Fallon came on—he's so adorable!—with wild animal guests (including a vulture and the cutest tiger cub!). So we didn't get to bed until two and got up at eight to go to the Farmer's Market. Definitely yawn time.

Since Willow finally had a bath last week, we took her along. It was a beautiful day, with a crystal blue sky and a nice breeze; we actually had to wear jackets. As usual, Wil whined all the way there, but she enjoyed it once she discovered there was food there. She had bits of a chicken pot pie and a tiny piece of bacon, and a dog cookie for treats, and schmoozed with people who wanted to pet her. She was very funny with the other dogs, though: at first she was striding confidently up to a Belgian Tervuren...and then about four feet away from him, you could see this look on her face: "What am I doing? That's a wolf!" She definitely didn't like it when a large puppy came romping after her!

But if I thought her face was funny when she saw the Turv, it was nothing to the expression she had on as we strolled down the sidewalk and came upon a St. Bernard and a black Great Dane. She got about four feet away from the Dane and just stopped dead, looking sideways for an exit! A few minutes later she gave the same look to a brace of greyhounds from Greyhound Rescue.

We went past the bakery on the way home, then brought her home, grabbed the coupons, and went to Kroger to finish the shopping. So that was done, and all before noon.

Later on we went to the hobby shop (where I ended up napping in the truck) and the Dollar Store (where I bought one of those pet seat covers for the car), and finally to Barnes & Noble. Did buy the new Abigail Adams mystery, a cross-stitch magazine, and the October issue of "Our State," the North Carolina magazine, simply because it had a section of fall photos so beautiful it would make angels sing.

We came home through Kennesaw National Battlefield Park and the old road along which there are venerable old homes; this will look beautiful in another month. It's such a peaceful ride.

By the time we got home it was four o'clock. We'd talked about going out to Ragamuffin tonight, but I was still exhausted from lack of sleep and James wanted to finish up a model he was working on. So I made some elbow noodles to go along with some soup that was in the refrigerator, and we had that for supper and watched last week's Doctor Who and Mythbusters before watching the season finale of Who. mean that's the question? The Silence...the creepy lady in the eyepatch...everything...boils down to that?

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