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» Sunday, October 02, 2011
Sunday Changes
Do We Need Sleep, Part 2: Yes, we did. We got up at 10:20, despite having woken up to (a) a notification sound going off on my phone (::grumble:: I thought I had those turned off with Timeriffic) and (b) my alarm clock. It was in the 40s last night and soooooo nice for sleeping

(Of course, we didn't go to bed until almost 2 a.m. ...)

James made biscuits for breakfast, which I had with the maple pecan butter we bought last week. I hope the butter doesn't spoil before we use it all up!

So we went to Walmart because I had twofer coupons for James' favorite deodorant. This is one of my chronic complaints: although we go to very large supermarkets, they still don't have all of the products we like to buy. James likes the Speed Stick musk, which we can't find at Kroger or Publix. I also can't find my favorite frozen dinner (Lean Cuisine Pasta Romano) at either supermarket, although between both Publix and Kroger they must have fifty to sixty types of Lean Cuisine. Just not that one. Nor can I find Renuzit citrus air freshener at either market, or the Jimmy Dean breakfast croissants that James likes made with turkey sausage instead of regular sausage. Tres annoying.

So: Walmart and CVS, and then we were done outdoors for the day.

Did spend the morning and afternoon doing chores: washed the hall bathroom floor, tossed out a bunch of old catalogs, cleaned off the rocking chair (which attracts junk like magnets attract iron filings), put some books away for James, put the autumn runner and candle arrangement on the dining room table (where do the crumbs come from if we barely eat on this table?), and vacuumed for the fourth time since I got the new Dyson last Sunday. Another canister full of canine undercoat! Ye Gods, what was the Kirby actually picking up?

We had turkey pot pie and a salad for supper while watching Rocket City Rednecks and Extreme Couponing. Now on to Ken Burns' Prohibition...

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