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» Friday, September 30, 2011
Cool, Cool  Water  Air
I realized this is the first time since 1987 that I wasn't required to work on September 30. I had somehow managed to finish that tangle of orders, although as in other years, I'm still not certain how I managed it. Every year the logjam just breaks up abruptly and although there's work to follow, it's not the struggle it was initially.

In the meantime my body took advantage of the opportunity. I slept until 9:30! Wow.

Ran some errands this morning: stopped at the bank to finally deposit a rebate check I got when I bought Paint Shop Pro X3, and, since I was at Publix anyway, gathered up some twofers: Uncle Ben's rice and some SnackWell 130 calorie packs to put away for vacation. Then I went to Sam's Club for gasoline (3.149!) and went inside, where I found just the three original Star Wars films on BluRay, rather than having to buy the entire set. This only has commentary on it; no extra features, but I decided I didn't care...we end up not watching the extras as often as not. Also picked up some lovely Thanksgiving cards at Dollar Tree—my gosh, they already have Christmas cards out!

Then came home, answered some e-mail, and dubbed off the rest of season 3 of Castle. They re-ran episode 57 out of order, so I am stuck with an episode with storm warnings on a crawl overlaying the video. Oh, well, it wasn't one of the arc episodes. In between commercials I was vacuuming again; I am appalled at the dirt coming out of this carpet, along with more dog hair...apparently the Kirby was picking up almost nothing, even after I changed the bag. Yuck.

We had Chinese buffet for supper, then came home. Yes, we were home before seven on a Friday night. With no Borders left and not wanting to go to Barnes & Noble every week, there's really nowhere else to go. I mean, where is there to go? Movies? ::snore:: Hobby Lobby? We were there last week. A bar? Don't drink. The mall? What, look at clothes and, even more disgusting, shoes? Forget it. Must pick up the slack engendered by end-of-fiscal-year exhaustion, get the house in order, and plan a nice fun game night!

Anyway, it has been splendid all day: a gorgeous, bright blue sky and no warmer than 74°F this afternoon. I threw all the windows open this morning and when we got home even opened one of the windows downstairs in the library and aired the room out. It got downright chilly around 11 p.m. On the news they mentioned snow flurries in the mountains in North Carolina. Yesssss!

So we watched Star Wars on BluRay; stunning picture and sound. They apparently now have worked it that Han and Greedo shoot at the same time. O-kay.

I did shut my computer down before the movie started. The last time we watched a new version of Star Wars, Windows died on my computer. I wasn't taking any chances. :-)

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